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Top 5 Reasons Why Glide is the Best Natural Lubricant

Top 5 Reasons Why Glide is the Best Natural Lubricant

Lube was created simply to make your intimate experiences smoother and more pleasurable. Unfortunately, many lubes out there contain sub-par ingredients, hidden chemicals and strange flavors. If you’re looking for a great, natural lube that’s safe and non-toxic, Glide is one of the best natural lubricants out there (we might be a little biased, but we’re always honest)

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Here are some reasons why:

1.  It’s made of water

Glide feels completely natural because it is made mostly of water. It is non-synthetic, safe, and clean. It is less messy, less sticky, and absolutely fragrance-free because it is water-based. Glide is suitable for all skin types and was formulated for sensitive skin.

2.  It has Aloe extract

Glide is designed to help provide moisture and lubrication where you need it most. It has the added benefit of organic Aloe-Vera extract, to give you a boost of natural moisture and hydration. This is why it’s considered one of the best natural lubricants.

3.  It’s not sticky!

Have you ever been distracted by those gross, sticky sensations during your personal moments? Glide has a slightly runny, gel-like consistency that feels silky but not sticky. It dries on the skin without leaving any residue and can be easily removed with warm water or wiped away with a towel.

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4.  It’s easy to clean up

The aftermath of many good times is, "Ugh, what a mess!". Glide is water-based, so there's none of that hassle. Being water-based, it also doesn’t stain your sheets or surfaces, and dries up quickly if spilled. So go on and get messy, the way you like.

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5.  It’s free of nasty ingredients

You shouldn’t settle for just any lube for your most intimate regions. Glide is made from just 5 simple ingredients, including: Water, Aloe extract, natural food-grade preservatives, and natural thickeners. Glide is pH balanced and free from parabens, fragrances, glycerin and petroleum (basically anything you wouldn’t want in your most sensitive regions). Finally –  a lube you can trust. 


Water-based lubricants like Glide are also compatible and safe to use with silicone and latex products, making them the best all-round, versatile lubricants.

Heard enough? If you’re still not convinced that Glide is the best natural lubricant, then go on and give it a try to see for yourself! Whether you’re facing dryness due to natural causes, or you simply want some more grease between the sheets, Glide is your go-to for bedroom fun.  

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