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Pulse Massager

A sleek, discreet full body massager - AKA your new best friend .
4.9 78 reviews | 78
₹ 5999
-16% off

Under The Sheets Game

Play this with a partner or friends to explore intimacy in a new way.
4.83 65 reviews | 65
₹ 1199 ₹ 999
-18% off

The Lover's Kit

Do away with the flowers and chocolates, and give the gift that keeps giving.
4.44 9 reviews | 9
₹ 9846 ₹ 8000
-10% off

Breeze Massager

Unique suction technology that creates a seal around your desired body part
4.95 40 reviews | 40
₹ 4999 ₹ 4499
-10% off

The Grand Gesture Kit

Elevate your bedroom experience and take it to the next level.
4.84 208 reviews | 208
₹ 9796 ₹ 8800
-25% off

The Game Night Kit

The Game Night Kit is an epic combo built to amp up your night's in.
4.94 68 reviews | 68
₹ 3497 ₹ 2600
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New Launch

Swipes Cleansing Wipes
Swipes Cleansing Wipes

Swipes Cleansing Wipes

₹ 499 from ₹ 359

Swipes are natural, organic wipes for your intimate regions, formulated for the optimum health of both P’s and V’s.


"[MyMuse is] taking the
taboo out of sex
in India"

"Sexual wellness products are meant to help you facilitate your self-care journey... We need more platforms like [MyMuse]."

"This gift box from My Muse– a new intimate wellness brand that focuses on sexual health– is the ultimate wellness kit to spice things up."

"MyMuse Glide Personal Jelly is perfect for the days you're looking for some slip n slide... It is light as water, with aloe gel to maintain the Ph levels.”

"A bold brand by a fierce woman, MyMuse is all about high quality, well-designed products for your intimate spaces.”

"This flaming tangerine massager can provide gentle yet toe-curling stimulation. It’s portable, easy-to-use, and super cute."

“The homegrown se...

“The homegrown sexual wellness brand that should be in your bedroom”

"MyMuse is taking the
 taboo out of sex
 in India"

"A brand that puts out products designed to help the modern Indian both celebrate and nourish their sexual journey"

"MyMuse is tackling [sex] with tongue-in-cheek marketing and creative euphemisms, which make the products seem less intimidating"

"Up your bedroom game with this brand's sensual & classy products"

"Female-led brands [like MyMuse] are breaking the taboo around
sex in India"

"Sex & Self Care: MyMuse reminds you how intimacy means to look after yourself"

"[MyMuse takes] the
"shame, guilt and fear"
out of sex in India."

The Fan favourite

Pulse Massager
Pulse Massager

Pulse Massager

₹ 5999
78 reviews

A sleek, discreet, full-body massager made with 100% body-safe silicone.


Curious about exploring your pleasure, but don’t know where to begin?

At MyMuse, we create products designed to make intimacy easier– whether solo or together. no judgment, no rules – Just pure fun. Your way

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Customer Reviews

“Glide is awesome. It’s easy to use, the perfect consistency, and literally feels like water but better. A LIFESAVER!”

Samyuktha T.
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"Glow Arousing Oil is subtle yet stimulating. The fragrance set the perfect mood for an erotic massage."

Shop Glow

“My fav part about palm is how easy it is to travel with it! Hands down the best companion on a solo trip”

Shop Palm

“You guys have created a piece of art. One experience is worth more than the money I paid. It is out of this world.”

Shop Pulse

“This brand is de-stigmatising female pleasure and I’m all here for it. Can’t wait for all the other toys/products.”

Shop Massagers

This is MIND-BLOW-INGLY GOOD. I am so happy that there are such thoughtful brands now in India.

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“MyMuse takes the weirdness and shame away from buying sex toys in India.”

Shop Palm

“Absolutely mind blowing! Everything from the branding to the packaging, to the actual product is spot on.”

Shop Pulse

“I think what you’ll are doing here is brilliant. It’s about time Indians woke up to this exciting world of stepping up the bedroom game!!”

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