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How To Finger Her Right: Unleashing Pleasure With Fingertips

Discover the finger-fu techniques that will have her moaning 'Eureka!' in the bedroom! Learn how to finger and turn into a pleasure prodigy with this article!

My mother always said, "Bewajah ungli karna galat baat hai". Little did she know that the world has discovered a different kind of joy in this act, and I'm certainly no exception. That's right, I'm talking about fingering, the art of unravelling the hidden depths of passion in V-owners.

In this article, we will explore the prerequisites of fingering, provide a step-by-step guide on how to finger, and share pro tips to become a master of this technique. So, are you ready to dive in with fingers blazing and hearts racing, prepared to explore every nook and cranny of desire?

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One, Two, Three

Here are the top 3 essentials of fingering that you must have-

  • No ifs, ands, or buts—consent is sexy! Always prioritise open communication with your partner and make sure you have their enthusiastic go-ahead. Without consent, your fingers should stay in their metaphorical pockets.
  • Trim those nails and scrub those hands like your pleasure depends on it because it does! No one wants an unexpected claw or a germ invasion in the land of pleasure.
  • Glide into pleasure town with the ultimate wingman—lubrication! Whether you're exploring a silicone-based wonder or a water-based delight, lube is the secret ingredient that turns finger play into a slippery sensation extravaganza.

How To Finger Like A Pro

Well, it has to start with the person getting fingered. Just like fingerprints, everyone's pleasure map is wonderfully unique. So, encourage your partner to explore their deepest desires and know what makes them clench the sheets. Once they know what they like, they can guide you better on how to finger them right. But this doesn't mean you shouldn’t learn on your own or don’t bring your own flair to the adventure.

Tickle And Tease

Stimulate their erogenous zones first, starting from their neck, and work your way down. Use your fingers, lips, or other props such as feathers or massage oils to heighten pleasure. Teasing and tantalising with foreplay tips your partner with delicate touches and feathery strokes will make them squirm with anticipation.

Once you've worked your way below the belt, don't head right in. Gently caress and tease the layers of their pleasure island with your fingers and mouth.

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Keep Your Finger On The Pulse

Once they've warmed up and are begging for more, it's time for the grand finale. Slowly immerse your fingers in their love cave and explore. You can target the G-spot or A-spot, erogenous areas that can provide intense pleasure. Use a "come hither" motion with your fingers or make a "hook" shape, apply gentle pressure, and experiment with different strokes to find what feels best for your partner.

And hey, while you're at it, don't forget the C-queen, aka the pleasure centre. It's highly sensitive and can greatly enhance pleasure when stimulated simultaneously. Use your thumb or the palm of your hand to work your magic on it.

MyMuse pro-tip: You can use a massager like Breeze or Pulse to stimulate the outer area and really make them see stars. Getting them a massager will be the best birthday gift for your girlfriend if you ask me.

Time To Work Your Fingers To The Bone

Think of yourself as the DJ of desire, controlling the beats and tempo of pleasure. Experiment with circular motions or try tapping techniques that'll make their nerves tingle. Remember, pleasure is all about the right rhythm, so don't be afraid to mix things up and keep them on their toes (or fingers)!

Why limit yourself to just one finger when you can bring a finger ensemble to the party? Embrace the magic of multitasking by using multiple fingers or trying out different finger combinations. It's all about experimentation and finding what works for your partner.

And that’s how you make them give you the thumb of approval, at least in the bedroom! 

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