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Personal Massagers For Beginners: A 4 Step Guide To Your Pleasure

Personal Massagers For Beginners: A 4 Step Guide To Your Pleasure

A short guide to help you start (and finish) with your new personal massager. 

Personal massagers come in all shapes and sizes.  With the ease of shopping for sex toys online in India, you’re bound to be a little confused. Some can look like weapons of mass destruction while others, like the Pulse full body massager, are more discreet and sleek. These types of compact massagers are better suited for those who are looking to get their kicks, without raising any eyebrows. A smaller personal massager is also usually more affordable, or as we like to say, a bang for your buck. 

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Pro tip: Pulse is a great choice for a first-time personal massager, if you’ve never played with a vibrating friend before but are looking to start. It’s uncomplicated (with only one button to control it), yet has five speeds to play and explore with. 

4 Step Guide To Your Pleasure

If you’ve never used a personal massager before, here’s a few steps to help you start (and finish):

Step 1: Use It Where You Like 

Because of its size, a personal massager can be used nearly anywhere that feels good to you– that means not just your intimate regions, but unexpected parts of your body, and erogenous zones you may never have explored before (think: thighs, back, nipples, or anywhere that’s sensitive for you). 

Pulse has an ergonomically curved shape and a pointed tip that are perfect for exploring your body in different ways, and can be used to relieve stress and stimulate all your sweet spots. As a rule of thumb, we advise that you can use Pulse everywhere, except for where the sun don’t shine (aka, in your booty). 

Step 2: Not Just The Tip

Most people will use a personal massager like Pulse by holding it against their sensitive bits, but there are more ways to maximise your pleasure with this versatile tool. Hold it horizontally to feel vibrations across a broader area if you prefer a less intense stimulation, and roll it across your skin for a different sensation. Or try flipping over onto your stomach and using the toy hands-free. Get creative and enjoy the process! 

Step 3: Lube it Up

PSA: Adding lube to the mix when using a toy (or indulging in any other intimate activity) can reduce friction, making everything feel better and preventing any chafing around your sensitive bits. Anyone who thinks using lube is weird needs to give it a try first. A water-based lube like Glide goes best with a personal massager as it won’t damage the silicone in the toy, and will only enhance your experience. Try our Getting Down Kit, featuring both Pulse & Glide, for the perfect solo or partnered sexploration.

Step 4: Change The Vibe

Cheaper massagers tend to have just one speed, but there are loads of affordable options that offer more. A personal massager like Pulse can be used at 5 different speeds so you can tailor your self-care sesh depending on what gets you going. Start slower, then build up to a faster speed or a pulsing variation, if that floats your boat. 

So what are you waiting for? Shopping for sex toys online in India has never been easier. Get scrolling and tap that. 

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