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First Night Kit: A List Of Essentials For The Uninitiated

Experience is the greatest teacher but, what if you’ve had none? Don't let it be a hindrance on your wedding night. Here's a list of all things you should keep in your first night kit for an amazing time with your beau.

The first night aka the wedding night can be so thrilling that even your family is excited for you. From the last-minute sex-ed lessons to the endless teasing, your intimate life ends up becoming a family affair. Yet, there are certain areas where your family’s interference should be minimal. So, it is better that you look out for yourself and carry everything you may need in a special first night kit-

Intangible Essential

Communication is not something you can carry in your bag, but you should carry it in your mind. If you aren’t comfortable enough, tired from all the wedding rituals, or don’t feel ready for anything intimate, share it with your partner. But if you are ready for some action, you can have a conversation about what you would like to try, your boundaries, contraception method, etc.

Also, it doesn’t have to be the first-night thing, it can be your first meeting thing too. Communicating about your expectations of love and life before you get tied by rituals is crucial. 

The “Your First Night Is Incomplete Without This” Essential

Massager or massagers are the ultimate answer if you believe in ‘the more, the merrier.’ Your partner might feel the pressure to make this one of the best nights for you, and that pressure can be a lot to handle. You can help them by taking some of the pressure off (along with their clothes) with a handheld body massager like Palm. Having the ultimate pleasure giver by your side, your partner does not have to feel too pressured to satisfy you. But that doesn’t mean they can lay back and let the massager do all the work. 

And hey, sharing the good vibes will fulfill your night completely.

Couple touching each other

The Slippery Essential

Carrying your massager and leaving out the lubricant is like eating chips without a dip. Much like a cool ranch dip, lube only adds to the experience and lets you relish your partner completely. A good lubricant will enhance the touch of your massager and make intercourse so much smoother. For starters, you can try a water-based lube like Glide as it is pH balanced and compatible with latex condoms.

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Man talking about Lube

The  ‘Not So Sexual’ Essentials

Now, here are a few things that will get you ready for play night or a good night’s sleep. Make sure you bring your makeup remover because let’s face it- good looks are great, but you cannot lick or eat good looks. You must remove the heavy makeup and let your skin breathe after such a long day. Additionally, remember to put your toothbrush in the bag because believe it or not, this is the most forgotten item. Your over-excited aunties might have already added sexy lingerie in the bag, but you must think of your comfort too. So, carry comfy PJs and a cover for your mehenga lehenga!

Woman closing an over-filled suitcase

The Non-Compulsory Essential

You can happily skip this if you want to, but this might just be the best climax to your action-packed wedding day. Giving each other a cute gift is a good way to show how much you care about each other. It doesn’t have to be crazy expensive, something as small as a pendant, a photo frame, or Wink eye mask can work too.

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