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Yes, The Power of Manifestation Via Masturbation Is A Thing

Getting an orgasm and manifesting whatever you want, how’s that for killing two birds with one stone?

No, you didn’t read wrong. You can use your solo sesh (with Glow Arousing of course) to enhance the power of manifestation and make your dreams come true. 

As clinical sexologist and sex magick expert Eva Clay explains, manifestation through masturbation is about setting and visualising positive intentions that gain power through the creative energy of pleasure. Or, in other words: It’s the attitude shift you need to get sh*t done or to become more open to the good things heading your way.

How Does It Work Again?

Neil DeGrasse Tyson asking How Is That Even Possible?

The answer lies within your sexual energy. Sexual energy is considered to be the most powerful energy to manifest. Many people refer to this as ‘sex magick’ aka the art of transforming sexual energy into tangible and real outcomes. Since this energy’s main intention is to create (it literally creates life), why not tap into this all-powerful source to attract change in your life and being?

And while it isn’t clinically backed by science, there have been multiple studies that have delved into the neurological state it creates. In its more relaxed, orgasmic state, the brain has a much easier time focusing on and visualising an intention, two things that have been shown to increase the power of manifestation, or the ability to bring something forth in your life by changing how you think, feel, or behave.

Remember - Law of Attraction: desire + intention + strong emotion (optional aromatic massage oil) = manifestation

Feel The Magic

Person creates rainbow

Alright, are you feeling inspired to let those *ahem* juices flow and cultivate your creativity? To my fellow masturbation manifestors; any practice you create on your own is awesome. It’s your sex life after all. But if you’re wondering just how to create one, here’s the quick and dirty version of it.

Once you’ve taken care of setting and snapped open your bottle of Glow Arousing,  it’s time for the hot and heavy portion of the practice. Where you get down to the actual masturbating. I’m not going to tell you what to do here, after all, you know your body best. I will, however, give you some pointers. 

  • Take your time. Let this orgasmic energy build slowly, and feel it start to swirl and rise through every part of your body.
  • Keep breathing. Stay connected to your breath through deep belly breathing. This helps with slowing down and keeping you grounded and focused on your vision. 
  • You don’t need to come. Say it again for the people in the back! Orgasms are not necessary to do this practice. As awesome as they are, orgasms don’t come easily to everyone, especially if you’re stressed or under pressure. If you don’t orgasm, no worries, allow yourself to stay present in the pleasure and just enjoy the sensations as they come.  

Privilege Check

Watch Your Privilege

Let’s get one thing straight before you go into the deep end to channel the power of manifestation. Yes, manifestation is a weird term for some and can come loaded with the bias and privilege in ints interrogation at times. 

Cringe feelings aside, there is something to be said about putting a great deal of energy into a desire, wish or dream and watching what happens after. All of us have goals and things we strive for, so why not use every tool around to reach them? I’m grabbing my aromatic massage oil and definitely taking my shot, what about you?

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