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3 Valentines Day Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple

Get off the bandwagon, and try these Valentines Day date ideas to create unique experiences that suit you and your boo.

It’s that time of the year again, folks. Love is the air - and the shopping aisles, windows, heck even websites are slowly turning red. The divide between the “I love LOVE” people and “I’ll puke if I see another heart shaped anything” people is getting more and more real. But a day that’s meant to celebrate love - by yourself, with your partner or recent situationship - doesn’t need to be filled with the clichés of flowers, chocolates and an overpriced six course menu. 

Fresh out of Valentines day date ideas? Avoid the crowds (it might save your life) and plan a date that’s just right and fun for you - whether single, partnered or in a crew.

The Kinky Couple

You’ve been together for some time and know exactly what buttons to push to get your partner going. The same old wham-bam routine isn’t your cup of tea anymore so you’re looking to be adventurous. Wanna add something new to your sexual arsenal? We’d recommend an evening of sensory deprivation with a little help from Wink. Put on this blindfold and let your other senses come alive. Take it all in as they tease your body with Pulse or just a soft feather - up and all the way down.

And if you want to get really creative while blindfolded, take a go at some of our tried and tested methods: 5 Ways Blindfolds Can Spice Things Up In The Bedroom

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That Honeymoon-Phase Couple

You know who you are. You might not be married but can’t seem to get enough of each other. You’ve heard the term “get-a-room” at least once every day this week. But we get you, just because you’re in that head-over-heels phase doesn’t mean that you don’t want a night that stands out. Enter the Valentine’s Gift Set. Customise it with our full body massager to give you pleasure through play. This baby will give you a night to remember. One that you can keep on recreating. Because the gifts in this box will last - unlike the flowers you spent way too much dough on. 

Valentines Gift Set

The ‘I guess I like you’ Couple

You’ve only been on two dates but V-Day is fast approaching and you’d rather spend it with someone even if you haven’t broached the ‘L’ word. You also want to hang with this new person but don’t wanna make a grand declaration of the Cheesy Couple Of The Year. Grab some bubbly and open up Under The Sheets. Made to make couples connect, it’s a great way to really know what makes your partner tick - inside and outside the bedroom.

MyMuse Protip

And if you are ‘single’ on Valentine’s Day, worry not! It’s never too clichė to be your own Valentine. We at MyMuse are all for “taking pleasure into your own hands”So if you’re going “Me, Myself and I” this Valentine’s, we suggest you go all out! Take yourself on a date, go on the trek that you’ve been putting off for months, buy that damn fitbit you’ve been eyeing all year. There is no shame in loving yourself or showing yourself a good time. And if you’re still looking for company on Valentine’s - Pulse  could be your go-to date. No strings attached. Just good vibes and endless pleasure.

Having trouble saying the ‘L’ word when it comes to you? You can always give yourself the big “O” with a full-body massager. It’s pretty much the same thing! 

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