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Using Massage Oils To Hack Low Libido

Using Massage Oils To Hack Low Libido

Grab Glow Arousing for an all-round sensory experience

Everyone is constantly looking for a hack– to increase productivity, decrease calorie count, or switch up their mojo. You don’t have to go to the extremes of biohacking your body to hack libido. Start slow. We’re talking baby steps. Enter: Glow Arousing. An aromatic massage oil that has a light blend of aphrodisiac aromas that help boost arousal, tackle low libido, and elicit an all-round sensual experience. While aromatic massage oils can be used by everyone to heighten pleasure, they have been particularly helpful to people with vulvas.  And with the orgasm gap being as wide as it is, it’s important to remember that #femalepleasurematters.

Read on to find out what you need to know about arousal oils and how it can help boost intimacy and pleasure.

What is arousal?

Sexual arousal is the body’s response to physical or mental stimuli leading to increased blood flow in your genital area. However, the ability to feel aroused can be delayed or blocked for several reasons, including stress, birth control (or other medications), childbirth, menopause and more.

What is arousal oil?

Arousal oils are tailored blends that are used externally to boost low libido by waking up your body’s natural lubrication process and increasing the intensity of an orgasm. Unlike lubricants, which add moisture to allow for smooth movement, arousal oils are formulated to help jumpstart your arousal process and naturally induce wetness.
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How do you use an arousal oil?

Arousal or aromatic massage oils are great for both solo and partnered use. Add a few drops to a hand and massage to your desired area. It’s important to know that oils are not compatible with latex or silicone condoms.

What sets Glow Arousing apart?

Glow Arousing naturally enhances sensitivity and pleasure during foreplay and sex. Carefully concocted with natural aphrodisiacs  (mogra and ylang ylang) and base oils, its ingredients naturally boost low libido by increasing blood circulation, heightening sensations and relieving stress. A clean formula, it’s also safe to use externally on your skin. It’s one of our OG products and has been hailed by customers as being “perfect for intimate massages.”

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