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Say No To Chip-Chip– Why Glide Is The Best Non-Sticky Natural Lube.

How to pick the perfect lube for your intimate moments

A good lubricant goes a long way in enhancing your intimate experiences, whether flying solo, or with a partner. Once you know how to use lube properly, it can be hard to decide which is the right one for you. We’re breaking down the best natural lubricant on the market, that not only lasts long, but is an all-rounder savior for your private moments. Meet Glide:


Why choose Glide?

An All-Natural Pick For Your Bits

When it comes to picking the best natural lubricant, go natural. Glide is a water-based lubricant, making it safer and cleaner than the synthetic alternatives out there. It’s free of any harmful ingredients you wouldn’t want down there (including glycerins, parabens, phthalates, silicone or petroleum), and even safe to ingest in small quantities. Even better? Glide is infused with organic Aloe extract to give you a boost of natural moisture. 


No Nasties, No Fragrances

The gross, chemical-like smell of many personal lubricants can be a turn-off for many. Because it’s made with natural ingredients & preservatives, Glide is completely odorless, elevating your experience.
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Goodbye Chip-Chip

Most lubes leave your skin feeling sticky, and dampen the excitement of the moment as you’re left reaching for tissues. Glide is non-sticky, helping it to lubricate your target areas easily. It has a perfect gel-like consistency that feels silky smooth, and it dries without leaving any gross residue.


Get Dirty, Without Making a Mess

The biggest drawback with lube is that it can end up making a mess and staining your sheets. Guess what? You don’t have to worry about that with Glide. Being water-based, Glide is easy to clean and doesn’t leave any stains. So have a blast without making a mess, with the best natural lubricant.


Discreet Packaging

Glide comes in a luxe, discreet tube that you won’t mind leaving on your bedside table– it looks just like your nighttime skincare essentials. Easy to grab in the heat of the moment, Glide can be applied directly with the tube, so you eliminate having to get it on your hands. 

Glide is perfect for your all-night sessions and gives you the perfect slip and slide in all the right places. Need we say more? Try it yourself, and find out why glide is the best natural lubricant

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