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Romantic date ideas

Romantic Date Ideas You'll Love

When done right, Date Nights can be one of the most intimate memories you share with your partner. When it comes to planning a date, a little effort goes a long way. The pandemic has significantly changed our lives, but that doesn’t have to stop you from coming up with romantic date ideas to surprise your significant other. We’ve got a list of easy hacks to help you set the mood just right for your next date night.

All About the Mood Lighting 

The success of a date is determined by one thing: Setting the right mood. Lighting and fragrance are two of the most important factors when it comes to nailing a sensual vibe. Needless to say, there’s just something about candles that make any evening more romantic. Our Spark Scented Candles are designed specifically to create the perfect, intimate mood, with unique fragrance combinations that soothe the mind and help you unwind. 

Music for the Soul

The best romantic date ideas always include the right music to soundtrack your night. Music is the ultimate vibe-setter, and you can pick from a variety of themes depending on the atmosphere you want to create. Sultry and romantic, or upbeat and nostalgic– there are infinite playlists available online that make picking the right tunes so much easier. Pro tip- check out Spotify’s bedroom playlists for the perfect tunes to put the groove in your intimate sessions.

Cook Up a Storm

One of the ultimate romantic date ideas is cooking a special meal for or with your partner. Skip the fancy take-out, and make your evening even more memorable by putting in the extra effort to cook instead– nothing will make your partner feel more appreciated. They say the stomach is the way to one’s heart, right?

Spa date

Turn your bedroom into a makeshift spa to pamper your partner. A long, luxurious massage screams romance. Try our Glow Relaxing Massage Oil, which is ideal for intimate experiences and designed to unwind your mind and body. Our Mood Setter Kit helps to enhance the entire experience and brings you closer together, with the addition of a beautiful Spark candle to set the right ambience.

Date nights are extremely important to keep that spark alive and to have healthy communication with your partner. You can also try our Date Night Kit to bring some flirty excitement and sensual romance to the mix.

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