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Christmas Gifting Guide

MyMuse Holiday Gift Guide For A Very Merry Naughty X-Mas 2022!

Christmas is coming and so should you.  Here are a few ideas on how YOU can get on Santa’s naughty list and make someone's holidays a little extra special. 

It’s our favourite time of the year! As the days slowly melt into nights and the nip in the air gets colder, all we want to do is cosy up with a holiday honey. No worries if that’s not your thing—no one said that you needed people to have fun with anyway! However you may be celebrating this season, we’ve put together the ultimate list of Christmas gift ideas to make your holiday season a whole lot naughtier!

Christmas Gift Ideas For Friends (Who Are More Than ‘Just Friends’)

#1 Under The Sheets

Explore intimacy in a new way with the card game for friends and lovers - Under The Sheets. Create deeper connections and get closer in more than one way, and keep your fire burning all night.

#2 Melt Massage Candles


Let’s not forget that the holidays come bang in the middle of the cuffing season. These Melt oil massage candles won’t just warm the cockles of their hearts, but they’ll also help you drop those not-so-subtle hints if you want to take it to the next level.

Christmas Gift Ideas For Her 

#1 Solo Kit For Her

Want to get a gift for your partner to have a fun solo sesh all by herself? The Solo Kit is just perfect. While Glide lubricant gel helps make things slippery and Palm massager wields its magic with 10 speeds and variations of intensity, Swipes for Vs take care of stickiness and leave things feeling fresh and sparkly.

#2 The Lover’s Kit

The Lover’s Kit

This is your ultimate Christmas gift idea for a last-minute pressie that is sure to knock their socks off. The Lover’s Kit comes complete with a Breeze massager, Glide, and Swipes for him and her. But wait, there’s more—you can also choose between Pulse and Beat to make those silent nights a little extra loud!

#3 The Date Night Kit

The Date Night Kit

The Date Night Kit is the ideal gift for those who love going beyond ‘Netflix and chill.’ The glow of the  Spark candle and our Under The Sheets card game make everything merry and bright, and the Pulse massager makes snuggle time even sexier! 

Christmas Gift Ideas For Him

#1 Solo Kit For Him

As much as time with boo is important, so is solo time. The Solo Kit for him comes complete with our crowd favourites - Beat, Glide, and Swipes! With 10 vibrating speeds and intensities, the Beat stroker is the love glove they’ll never stop thanking you for. Glide lubricant gel gets things slipping and sliding and provides the smoothest experience, while Swipes for Ps helps keep things clean and smelling fresh.

#2 The Threeway Kit 

The Threeway Kit

You’ll never regret getting the Three-Way Kit. With three of our best-selling massagers designed for every mood, it’ll almost be rude-olf you to not get it! 

#3 The Getting Down Kit

The Getting Down Kit

Get down and dirty with the ultimate duo for tree-mendous fun - The Getting Down Kit. With Pulse massager and Glide lubricant gel to keep things moving and grooving, it is the perfect present for those who like to keep things interesting.

Christmas Gift Hamper Ideas

#1 The Game Night Kit

The Game Night Kit

Level up your bedroom game—literally! Start off by playing a game of Under The Sheets as you set the mood for some serious fun. Amp the mood up with the Wink eye mask - which can be doubled up as a blindfold. And finally, use Glide to…well, you snow the drill. 

#2 The Grand Gesture Kit

The Grand Gesture Kit

Thinking of getting down on your knees and popping the question over the holidays? The Grand Gesture Kit might help you with it. This is a gift that keeps giving again, and again, and again! It’s pure decadence in a box with the Glow Arousing Oil, a Spark candle of your choice, the Glide lubricant gel, and the Pulse massager. 

#3 The Anniversary Kit

It’s time you made your own holiday traditions! Ditch the flowers and dump the chocolates and put this on your list of top anniversary gifts for her (or for your soul Santa). Warm up with Under the Sheets but quickly move on to giving them long luxurious massages with our Glow Arousing oil and feel their stress melt away. Just when things get steamier, bring out the Glide personal jelly and Pulse massager to stoke that fire.

This holiday season, be that sexy Santa to your special someone. These Christmas gift ideas will get them from ‘Ho Ho Ho,’ to, ‘Oh, Oh, OH’ in no time. Grab that mistletoe and your present to let your partner know that you only have eyes for them—this is your chance to sleigh your gifting game this holiday season!

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