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How To Use Lube

How To Use Lube To Upgrade Your Sex Life

We’re giving you a quick crash course on how to use lube to take your sex life to the next level.

Everyone likes an upgrade– whether it's on a flight, at a hotel or just a delicious dessert to top up your meal. So why skip an upgrade when it comes to the bedroom? Lube is one seriously overlooked bedroom product that makes all kinds of sex (penetrative or not) soooo much better, last longer and, guess what, safer too. It’s time we ditch the idea of thinking of lube as something only older women and young boys use. Because dear reader, lube is where the party is really at. And if nobody ever sat down with you and gave you the lowdown on how to use lube, read on to up your game.

1) During solo play

Hell yeah, you can use lube to improve sex with yourself. Skip the DIY lubes (like oils, moisturisers, or vaseline) because they can have chemicals that you don’t want going anywhere near your intimate areas. Instead, just squeeze a few drops of lube onto your fingers or body before touching yourself, to feel smooth AF. Bonus– pick one that’s pH balanced, free of nasties, and enriched with nourishing ingredients like aloe for an extra boost of moisture, like Glide.

2) During foreplay

If you didn’t know how to use lubricants before ‘the act’, this one’s for you. Try applying a little lube down there prior to a dry hump sesh, to amp up the pleasure-inducing pressure without the worry of possible underwear rug burn. Another tip for vulva-owners: If you’re feeling a little adventurous, ask your partner to place some on their palm and grind it against your vulva and labia to put a new spin on a hand job.

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3) With a toy

Adding new toys to the mix is never a bad idea. If you’re wondering how to use lube  to make the most of playtime with toys– it couldn’t be simpler. Just add a little lube directly to the toy or to your genitals, before using. This reduces friction, and is the difference between great sex, and fantastic-toe-curling-electrifying sex. Quick caution: If your sex toy is made of silicone, make sure to pick a water-based lube like Glide, as silicone lubricants can break down rubber.

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4) Pro tip

Here’s a tip you won’t see on your everyday how to use lube list. Add a little lube inside the condom before unrolling it. This is specially for those penis-owners who complain that a rubber diminishes sensation. So next time you meet a dude who says it’s just not the same with a glove on, suggest this tip to increase that sensational feeling during intercourse.

You may have used lube before when you couldn’t easily get the gears going. But now you know how to use lube in more ways than one, to enhance pleasure and upgrade your (and your partner’s) time in the sack. Because every romp deserves to be an amazing one!

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