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How To Introduce Toys In The Bedroom

We get it, this is an awkward conversation but if you can get past it, you could reach some new orgasmic heights with your partner!.

Sex toys can be an excellent way to turn up the heat in the bedroom. Adding a toy into the mix doesn’t mean that your sex life is boring, or that you’re trying to “replace” someone. It only means that you’re willing to explore and maybe help reduce that pleasure gap. If this is new and unexplored territory, bringing it up with your partner can be awkward. So here’s a quick and easy breakdown of how you can do it. 

Let’s talk about S-E-X

Talk about sex. Talk about it often, and in different contexts and situations. Tell your partner what you like, what you don’t, and what you want to try. It can be awkward in the beginning but it gets easier the more you talk through it. The best advice we can give you is to create a safe space for you and your partner(s). Trust us, conversation makes sex better. When you tell them about your desire to introduce a toy to the bedroom, be honest and understanding. You want to be straightforward but willing to compromise through conversation. It’s all about what you both are comfortable with. 

Choose the right toy for you

Shopping for sex toys in India can be complicated. So, before you buy something ask yourself and your partner a couple of questions. What turns you on? Do you like clitoral stimulation or penetration? How do you want to use the toy? Do your research, discuss it with your partner, and finally, pick what feels right to you. Honestly, whenever you want to introduce something new to the bedroom, whether it’s a new toy or new lube; researching what’s right for you and your partner is the way to go!   

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Size doesn’t matter 

It might be that your fantasy is to see your partner using something fun and adventurous, but if you’ve never gotten into that kind of play before, start small. Because when it comes to toys, size really doesn’t matter. Something that can fit in the palm of your hand can get you to pleasure town pretty quick.

And have fun

Finally, remember why you wanted to try this in the first place; because it’s fun! So, don't take it too seriously! No matter what you’re introducing in the bedroom: Glide, a toy, restraints, it’s all about enhancing an already good experience.

Bottom line:

We’re programmed to question all kinds of change however big or small. But it’s time we accept that the future of sex toys is now here in India thanks to a long list of homegrown brands. So embrace the change by yourself or with your partner. 

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