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How To Get In The Mood When You're Not Feeling It

Buy scented candles, try a new toy, switch it up...we’re dishing the deets on how to get in the mood when your mind is lagging and dragging.

Real life does not work like the movies. Your soulmate isn’t waiting for you, violins won’t play when you’re sad and you can’t just switch on the sexiness at the drop of a hat. Sex has the potential to make you feel amazing but sometimes it’s hard to summon the sexy and tap into that part of yourself. 

We’ve all had days when our libido decides to play hide-and-seek because of stress at work or at home. Sometimes even an amazing but exhausting vacation takes sex off the table coz you’re just tired AF. While getting into the mood is more mental than physical, there are some tips and tricks you can try to nudge on your body to spark a flame and get it on. 

How To Get In The Mood 101

While it can seem hard at first (no pun intended), trying new things and switching things up might be just what you need to keep the spark alive.

For Starters, Try Something Relaxing

Jumping from your spreadsheets into your spread sheets is probably not going to yield many sexy prospects. Your brain needs to register that it’s time to stop using the formula and go with the flow. Make sure to unwind before expecting too much out of yourself. Take a long bath, spark a candle, grab a cup of chai or a cookie. Whatever you do, occupy the moment in your comfort zone and the fun will follow.

If you find it hard to relax: 4 Step Guide To Relaxation With Body Massage Oil

Change The Scene

The pandemic left some of us looking for the sweet in ‘Home Sweet Home.’ Spending one too many days (weeks and months) in the same space takes some of the novelty away. That’s why hotel rooms are so much fun. It’s the change of scenery and the newness that gets us in the mood. Transform your bedroom into a make-shift spa or weekend villa with a few quick fixes. Buy scented candles to give the room its own aura. Use warm lighting to encourage sexy and sultry actions. And make the room cosy with pillows and throws.

Try New Toys

While a run-of-the-mill wand is an easy pick for quick and easy orgasms, toys that do all the work may not leave you craving your partner’s touch. If you wanna learn how to get in the mood, you have to take baby steps. You want to leave bae wanting more. A chic and great pick is our Pulse full body massager. 

Great for single and couple use, this can be used to send good vibrations all over your partner’s body. Its size makes it easy to use and can reach all the nooks and crannies on the body. Now you can buy scented candles and your latest bedroom buddy all in one place. Have your pick from one of our kits to have an unforgettable date night.

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