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Hot French Kissing 101: How To Make Out Like A Pro

Want to turn up the heat and add some serious sizzle to your smooching game? Then it's time to level up and try the tantalizing tongue-twisting hot French kiss.

Want to turn up the heat and add some serious sizzle to your smooching game? Then it's time to level up and try the tantalizing tongue-twisting hot French kiss. Sure, it may sound complicated, but it's really just kissing with an extra dose of tongue action. And trust us, it can take your kissing game from a 10 to a steamy 100! Of course, not everyone is into the magic of French kissing, and that's totally cool. You gotta do what feels right for you. 

But if you're curious or eager to give it a try, then why not make sure you're doing it right?

Slow But Steady Gets The Taste

You can’t just shove your tongue down someone’s throat at the start of a make-out sesh, even if you’ve been together for some time. It’s best to start off with some flirting, setting the mood with some music, dim lights or spicy talks and then get to the action. Ease into your potentially hot French kiss by paying attention to your partner's reactions and making slow first moves. Try giving their tongue a few licks and check if they like it. As the passion heats, you can ramp things up and get more intense. 

On that note, we think that you can gain some extra favours with your partner if you were to take our guide on Spicy Foreplay Tips - So You Can Tease Her To Please Her as a go-to plan of action.

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Exploring Mouther Earth

Picture this– your tongue is a naughty adventurer and your partner's mouth, an undiscovered treasure trove. Take your time and explore every nook and cranny, from their tongue to the roof of their mouth and even the insides of their cheeks. Get ready to uncover hidden delights that will send shivers down your spine! And once you do find what makes your discovery, take a moment to engage on that. But while you are at it, also look for your partner’s reaction and adjust your explorer’s enthusiasm accordingly. 

Suck It Up

It’s not a hot French kiss unless you give your partner's tongue a gentle suck, and feel the intensity skyrocket! It's like tasting the sweetest candy, only better - because it's your lover's tongue! Start slow and gentle, like a seductive vacuum, and see how your partner responds. You might just unleash a flood of passion that you won't be able to resist! You can also suck on either their upper or lower lip for some delicious variety.

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All Kisses Are Good Kisses

But then again, why settle for just one kind of kiss when you can mix things up and keep the passion sizzling?! It’s best not to tire out your tongue anyway. During your steamy make-out session, switch it up between a hot French kiss and closed-mouth kissing, and don't forget to throw in some neck kisses for good measure. And if your partner is down for it, use your teeth to give them a playful nibble on their neck or lower lip - like a wild animal marking its territory! 

And don't let your hands just sit there! Use them to grab your partner's face, stroke their hair, or explore their body - just like you would during a regular old kiss.

Celebrate The Mistakes

While making out, you might accidentally bump your noses together or might want to break away for a sneeze. Well, whatever the matter is, a hot French kiss is much like life itself– full of surprises. So, just chuckle it off and hop right back into the rhythm (or should I say lips?). Besides, laughter always makes things better! 

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You could also add self care products like toys, lubricants, or blindfolds like the Wink eye mask into the fun. Get creative, mix it up, and keep the passion burning bright!

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