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From Dream To Date: The Art Of Manifesting Love In Real Life

Love is a blessing and a curse. When you have it, life is beautiful and when you don’t…we often find ourselves wondering where we went wrong. Maybe it’s time to explore the world of manifesting love. 

We’re all tired of swiping left, right, and centre, only to end up with a date night that feels more like a test of our patience, than something truly magical. It may be time to put down the phone, step away from the dating apps, and explore the fascinating world of manifesting love – a journey that begins with a genuine love affair with yourself.

Manifesting Love Begins with Self-Love

We've all heard the cliché, "You can't love someone until you love yourself." But clichés can sometimes be true too! When you come from a place of pure self-love, you radiate positivity, confidence, and happiness. These qualities are incredibly attractive, drawing potential partners to you like moths to a flame. So once you have begun cultivating self love through journaling, changing your thought patterns, pampering yourself with Pulse, the very best full body massager. You have built the perfect foundation to manifest love.  

You are ready

Steps to Manifest Love

Ditch the Specific Person Obsession! While it's perfectly normal to have a crush on someone, fixating on a specific person or developing a parsasocial relationship can lead to disappointment. Manifesting love a specific person is never a good idea. Keep your heart open and your mind receptive to new possibilities. Sometimes, the Universe has a grander plan in store for you.

Step 1: Decide What You Want

First things first, take some time to decide what your ideal relationship looks like. Imagine your perfect partner and the kind of connection you desire. This is not the time to get hung up on the “how” just yet. Your job is to stay in tune with the vibrational frequency of what you want. Leave the logistics or first dates to the universe.

Step 2: Day Dream

Now, it's time to day dream! Get excited about the love you're about to attract into your life. Close your eyes and picture your dream relationship. What qualities does your ideal partner possess? Allow your imagination to run wild and get lost in the magic of it all.


Step 3: Time to Act

Now, as you've worked on yourself and envisioned your ideal relationship, you might find that your perfect person starts to show up in your life. Don't brush off this sign. Take aligned action. Pursue those who have the qualities you desire, and gracefully say "no" to those who don't. This sends a message to the universe about the kind of love you truly want to attract.

Step 4: Let It Go

The final step is where you have to let go and trust the universe. Love might not arrive exactly as you imagined, and that's okay. Surrendering means allowing love to flow into your life without being rigid or attached to a specific outcome. Being open to creative possibilities and surprises is the key to manifesting love. Love may come from unexpected places, and in the end, you'll understand why you didn’t get the chance to play naughty game for couples with others.

It’s okay

Love is a Journey

Whether you're manifesting love through self-love or exploring the unknown with an open heart, the key is to be patient, stay true to yourself, and, of course, have a sense of humour about it all. Love is out there, waiting to be discovered, but you must be open to receive it.

In the end, the most important love story is the one you have with yourself. So, go out there, love yourself fiercely, you’ve got MyMuse to help with just that ;)  

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