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8 Best Relationship Advice From Indian Grandparents

Ever wondered how Indian grandparents are together for decades but you're still dating new peeps every week? Here are their 8 best relationship advice for you.

When time and the world itself are moving so fast, relationships can feel very difficult to manage and confusing because they become inherently fast-paced too. If you are feeling the brunt of this difficulty, then you need to pace down a little and find some time to spend with your grandparents. Their love and life can give you some of the best relationship advice that you could have ever asked for. Here are some that I learned from mine-

Disagreements Are Natural

My grandfather told me, “it is important to understand that a healthy relationship doesn’t warrant agreements at every moment or discussion you have with your partner. Realising that and being able to voice your own opinions and express your individuality is the true mark of a healthy relationship.” I have tried to implement his advice in my relationship. I talk to my partner regarding any disagreements that we have by meeting in the middle to incorporate the needs and desires of both of us. This has made us stronger as a couple as we now understood each other better and respected the boundaries that we have set up for ourselves.

More Than Just A Partner

I remember my grandparents giving my cousins and me relationship advice. They always wanted and hoped for us to choose partners who understood us well enough for us to share all our woes and happiness with. Them telling us that we must have a trusted friend in our partner made so much sense. Now that I have finally found someone who has become one of my best friends, with whom I can share everything, it is the best. Relationships need to be more than just about being together. They also must make room for being able to share deep and intricate emotions.

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Take Your Sweet Time

Just because your life may have taken a rash turn, the same doesn’t need to be true for relationships. Whenever you arrive at big decisions or crossroads in your relationship, it is wiser to take time before making them. Sit down, and talk with your partner about how your decision can potentially affect you both, positively or otherwise. Let the situation sink in and measure all the parameters together. Once you have measured your options, make the decision. At least that’s what grandma taught me, and it hasn’t failed me so far!

Good Things Come In Small Packages

Our grandparents’ stories are brimmed with these beautiful little moments that they have spent with each other that have grown into these fond memories. Now they narrate with smiles on their faces. Likewise, love shouldn’t reside in grand gestures for you and your partner. It can come in the momentary breaks that you share together in your everyday life, like sharing ice cream, an umbrella, taking a walk together, etc.

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Two Hands For One Clap

Making time for your partner is a crucial aspect of having a successful relationship. That is why it is important to ensure that you are there for your partner to have those moments with each other. In every single activity or endeavor that you take up, try and take up equal parts of the load, responsibility, effort, and energy. Because absence in any form is the bane of a healthy relationship.

Money Merely Matters 

This relationship advice for couples can be applicable in all parts of your lives. My grandmother always told me this- never measure your relationship in monetary terms. There are many people who seek partners with a certain financial standing. But little do they realise that the memories and love will matter more than the gold or estate they will have at the end of this life. So, when you are seeking a partner, seek their goodness and character, not the bank balance. 

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Character Over Content

One thing that works wonders as relationship advice for men as much as a piece of relationship advice for women is realising that success in relationships needs more character than content. Treating your partner with respect and kindness under situations of duress can help any couple establish and maintain equal treatment of one another. This calm and patient demeanor will translate to an ultimately stronger bond that can help you overcome a lot of adversities.

Embrace Your Partner Every Chance You Get

One of the best relationship advice for free that our grandparents gave us is to never miss a chance to initiate contact with one another. A day has 24 hours, and surely you can find at least a few sporadic seconds throughout the day to show your partner some form of physical affection. It can be something as simple as a hug, a peck on the cheek, or even holding hands together.  An extremely sensual massage can be another way to go. All you need is a quiet moment together and a sensual massaging oil like Glow Arousing. Remember that it is important to keep your relationship feeling intimate even in the smallest ways if you want to feel special. 

A woman giving a foot massage to another woman

I hope all this relationship advice proves extremely useful for you. But since we are a couple of generations apart from our grandparents, we could benefit a little more from taking things a step ahead by buying sex toys online, just to keep up with the tides of time you know. We will have our grandparents’ relationship advice to follow, but nobody said anything against a little bit of innovation either.

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