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7 Honeymoon Gifts For Newlyweds To Truly Enjoy The Getaway

Worried what honeymoon gift to get for your partner on your special trip? Well, you can rest easy for we have got you covered.

A honeymoon is an exciting prospect for any couple that is beginning their newly wedded journey. And while you may have a whole array of activities planned for each other to do on your long-awaited trip, we’re here to sweeten the deal with some great honeymoon gifts. Pick from our ultimate list of bedroom essentials that’ll make your getaway a whole lot sexier!

A Spark To Ignite



No matter where your honeymoon destination is, the warm glow of candles always helps you set the right mood with your partner. Scented candles for gifting like Spark make for the perfect honeymoon gift. Couple that with relaxing music and a fuzzy blanket, and you’re all set for the perfect evening.

Eau De Cologne

Whether it is a luxurious dinner or a week of power-packed activities like hiking, the options for a honeymoon getaway are endless. Pick the perfect perfume, or better still, a honeymoon gift box with an assortment of miniatures to elevate your time together even more. It’s just what you need to heighten your senses when you’re cosying up with your partner. 

Cosy & Comfortable

No genius points for guessing that custom-made bathrobes for your significant other and you are among the closest to perfection when it comes to honeymoon gifts. Get some elegant options to choose from - you can even have your initials monogrammed on them. 

Oil Spills

Glow Arousing


Massages are an intimate form of expressing love, care and perhaps even attraction. And now, there are a plethora of options that are formulated specifically to both arouse and relax you. For your honeymoon gift, try the Glow Arousing and find out for yourself!


Carrying a journal that is specifically meant to contain the lovely memories that you build together on your honeymoon is a great idea to forever record those moments. It could be a neat way to keep all the cute polaroids that you take on your honeymoon. Years later when you look back on this time, you’ll find yourself reliving every moment while flipping through the pages. It’s the sweetest honeymoon gift package that you can get for yourself and your partner.

Honeymoon Packages & Kits

The Grand Gesture Kit


No better excuse than your own wedding to get your spouse the ultimate expression of your love. The Grand Gesture Kit is decadence in a box. Featuring the Pulse massager, a Spark candle of your choice, Glide personal lubricant gel, and Glow massage oil; this kit has everything you need to elevate your experience and show them how much you care. 

A Kit For Lovers

The Lovers’ Kit is the supreme choice as a honeymoon gift for couples who love to get naughty. This gift box is packed with the essentials that’ll keep you grooving together every step of the way. The kit features Breeze suction massager to make those Os extra loud, Swipes for Ps and Vs to keep things clean when you’re getting dirty, and Glide personal lubricant gel to make things extra wet—but that’s not all—you can also pick between the Beat stroker and Pulse massager for extended play!

For newlywed couples, the honeymoon getaway is the perfect excuse to spend a little extra alone time together. These honeymoon gifts promise to make your holiday even better and provide you with that extra sense of comfort, especially when you’re looking to connect with each other on a deeper level.

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