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Close-up of Couple Legs Cuddling in Bed

6 Best Intimate Cuddling Positions to Bond with Your Boo

Cuddling isn’t a must, but it's hard to say no to cosy cuddles with boo, right? So, here are the 6 best cuddling positions to try during the next post-lovemaking sesh.

Are you tired of feeling like a tangled knot while cuddling? Does your partner’s hair get stuck under your arm? Does your leg go numb under theirs? Do you just give up and awkwardly hold onto each other for the sake of love? 

Let us save you from the trouble because we have delved deep into the snuggly abyss to bring you the cream of the crop- the ultimate list of best cuddling positions. So settle in, grab a cosy throw, and prepare to snuggle like two peas in a pod!

Spoon It Off

Ah, spooning...the ultimate embrace of two bodies in perfect harmony. It's similar to how the Palm handheld body massager literally fits in the palm of your hand- a perfect match. Truly a classic and deservedly one of the best cuddling positions, whether you enjoy the big spoon cuddling or the small spoon cuddling. Once you’ve settled on who’s going to be the big spoon and small spoon, get in the position. All you have to do is lie on your sides with the big spoon’s stomach touching the small spoon’s back. Let your arms wrap around each other and if you want things to get hotter, just undress a little ;p

A couple spooning

Find Your Safe Haven

Face burying is a form of cuddling in bed where one partner buries their face near the other’s neck or chest. It's akin to finding solace in the warm embrace of your partner’s comfortable blanket of love and affection. You are only left with the comforting sound of each other's breathing to break the silence. Face burying feels nothing short of an intimate surrender, where two people become one in a moment of shared vulnerability and tenderness, filled with good vibes only.


Like a warm and comforting envelope, lap pillow cuddling involves one person sitting with their back against a comfortable surface, such as a couch or bed, and the other person resting their head on the first person's lap. It's the perfect way to unwind after a long day, spend a lazy Sunday morning, or have a date night at home with your significant other.

In this cuddling form, the lap becomes a soft and welcoming pillow that cradles the head of the other person. No wonder why it is also a great way of expressing affection for someone without words as one provides themselves to the other to make them feel safe and happy.

A woman gesturing a man to get on his lap

Beats Of A Romantic Cradle Song

One of the widely accepted best cuddling positions for sleeping is the sweetheart cradle. It's a cosy and intimate way of snuggling up with your significant other, where one person lays on their back and the other person curls up against them, resting their head on their partner's chest. In this form of cuddling, your partner's heartbeat becomes your lullaby, soothing you into a peaceful slumber, like being cradled and shielded away from the world's chaos. 

Armed But Not-So-Dangerous

The arm draper position is a relaxed way of cuddling, where one person's arm gently drapes over the other. It’s the perfect position for couples who like to see each other’s faces while having a deep conversation or sleeping. Another advantage is that you can have some space between the two of you if you are the type to sweat easily. It's like comfortably sinking into a cloud of tenderness, where the world fades away and all that exists is the gentle rhythm of two hearts beating in unison.

A couple of cuddling face to face

Not That Kind Of Butt Play

Don’t you ever get the urge to just squish down on your partner’s tushy? Well, don’t shy away from it because it is one of the best cuddling positions. We think the most practical reason for using a partner's butt as a pillow is simply for the extra padding. When your head needs a soft place to rest, and the traditional options like pillows or blankets just aren't cutting it, why not turn to the cushiony goodness of your partner? It's like a built-in pillow, always ready to provide comfort and support!

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