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5 Easy Ways For A Fun Date Night At Home

Scrap your “dinner-and-a-movie” routine, and surprise your partner with these fun date nights at home

 Scheduling a weekly date night is becoming a ritual to keep that spark alive in the new Covid Age. Whether you’re still in that honeymoon period or have known each other since high school, you’re bound to run out of ideas for fun date nights at home. 

 Anyone can book a fancy meal at the best restaurant in town, but it’s the partners who bring a thoughtful touch that get all the praises. Thankfully you don’t have to invite a Michelin-star chef to wow bae. There are tons of creative ways to create a romantic environment for that special someone. It’s high time fun date nights at home went beyond Netflix and chill– so why not blow them away with some classy tricks up your sleeve? 

Here are 5 easy ways for a fun date night at home


1) Dress Up to Get Down

Just because you’re staying in doesn’t mean you don’t need to make an effort. Fish out that blazer from your cupboard and put on those high-heels you haven’t worn in ages. Scrap the Zoom pyjamas and get decked out for each other. If they see you in your worst, they deserve to see you in your best too.

2) Turn on the Fun

You’ve cooked a meal at home and decided you want to set the tone for future fun date nights at home. But are you wondering how people transform a living room into a sexy lounge? The devil is all in the details. Turn off all the harsh tube lights and light one of our Spark scented candles. Spark kills two birds with one stone by giving you the mood lighting and sensual aromas to take your evening to the next level.

3) Take the Edge Off

We’ve all heard of midnight meals but have you ever heard of a midnight massage? If the vibe feels right, keep the fire burning by taking turns to give each other a massage. Our Mood Setter Kit is your answer to creating the perfect atmosphere. Try Glow (Relaxing) if you want to chill and de-stress, or Glow (Arousing) to spice things up with a burst of mogra (known to be an aphrodisiac). They’re the perfect companion for fun date nights at home

4) Not-so-bored Games

Everyone has heard of chess and scrabble. But why not make things a little interesting by adding a strip element to it? Every time someone loses a piece from the board, they drop a piece of clothing as well. If FRIENDS can make it work with the Happy Days Game, there’s no reason why a board game can’t be made just a little R-rated for those fun date nights at home

5) End on a High Note

To top up a sensually charged evening in the perfect manner, head to a comfy corner and enjoy getting busy with the Date Night Kit. Why wait for a special occasion to try something new? You and your partner deserve all the toe-curling fun you can get your hands on. Add a water-based lubricant like Glide to the mix to keep you slipping and sliding till the wee hours of the morning.

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