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10 Funniest First Dates Stories To Make You Glad To Be Ghosted

First dates aren't always awkward, they can be just horrible sometimes. Here are some disastrous first-date stories to make ghosting seem like a sweet deal.

Oh dear, when it comes to first dates, there are some cringe-worthy stories out there that will make you want to crawl under a rock! It's rare to hear about an absolute disaster date, but trust us, they exist! And we are not talking about simply being ghosted on the first date, there’s way more craziness out there! Our hilarious compilation* of these embarrassing first-date stories will make you realize that it could always be worse!

Into The Woods

“My date invited me to a party with his friends, basically strangers I had never met. To make things worse, he acted out a fake proposal in front of everyone as a joke. It was mortifying!”


Left With A Bad Taste

“I went on a date with a guy who was introduced to me by a mutual friend. He ordered spicy Japanese food and then, drank all the water available, including mine. Suddenly, the spice started to take its toll, and he excused himself to go to the bathroom. Fast forward to 15 minutes, and he came back after doing God-knows-what. He leaned in for a kiss before the date ended, but I instinctively turned my head. He ended up kissing the inside of my ear.”


A woman saying eww

Talk About Early Release

“I was excited to meet my blind date, but when he arrived at the restaurant, I noticed he was wearing ankle weights. I thought he was a fitness enthusiast and admired his dedication to his health and wellness. I asked him about his workout routine as we sat down to dinner. He explained that the ankle weights were not a part of his workout, but were actually an ankle monitor - a condition of his parole.”


The Big Leap Irony

“My date took me to a frog jump festival for our first date, which I found interesting and unique. But our date was abruptly cut short when his wife arrived because she had a restraining order against him. It was definitely the worst first date I've ever had.”


A surprised woman

Unhinged On Hinge

“We met on Hinge and had great conversations through text, so we decided to meet up at a bar. But the date was a disaster - my date had problematic opinions about the LGBTQ community, particularly trans people and children. When we said goodbye, he grabbed my hair and asked if I liked a strong-willed man. I left feeling uncomfortable and quickly walked away.”


Third Wheel At Your Own Date

“I met a guy while working at a bar during college, and he asked me out on a date. But on the date night, he showed up with another guy who he introduced as his cousin. Weird is the least of the adjectives  I can use to describe the night.”


A man interrupting a couple

Relatable Much?

“During a blind date arranged by a mutual friend, I found out that my date and I were related. It was an uncomfortable and awkward experience, and we both couldn't wait for the date to end.”


The Number’s Game

“My date took me to a fancy restaurant, but things took a strange turn when the server whispered to me, “You're the third one this week.”


A Clear Lack Of Clarity

“On our first date, I discovered that my date was venting about me on Facebook while we were still at the table. To my surprise, she accidentally tagged me in the post. It was humiliating and made it the worst first date I've ever been on.”


A man saying awkward to a couple

The Tooth Fairy

“Right before my date was leaning in for a kiss at the end of the night, he said, “Don't be scared if my tooth falls out." It was unexpected and unsettling. Sweet nothings, indeed.”


From awkward encounters to uncomfortable moments, these embarrassing first-date stories prove that not every date can be a romantic fairy tale. You can’t always start planning bachelorette party games in India and your wedding in Italy just after the first date. But fear not, my fellow solo adventurers! Even if your date doesn't work out, there are always other ways to enjoy some company. You can always entertain yourself solo with something like the Palm handheld massager.

*These stories have been sourced from BuzzFeed and Twitter.

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