glide personal jelly

₹ 799.00

Keeps you moving and grooving

Glide Personal Jelly is designed to give you all the right lubrication in all the right places. Feels as natural as water and as smooth as silk, so you can keep things slipping and sliding without any irritation. Glide is made with organic aloe extract, and delicately pH balanced to ensure your optimum comfort. Use it to supplement natural dryness, or just keep things smooth and friction-free.

How to use

Squeeze a little Jelly onto your palm, or apply directly onto the desired area of your body. Use liberally and re-apply as often as necessary. Jelly easily washes away with warm water, and is safe to use with latex, silicone and rubber products.

Safety stuff
- Keep out of ears and eyes
- Keep out of reach of children
- If any irritation or discomfort occurs, discontinue immediately
and consult a doctor
- This is not a medical product, and is not intended for medical use
- This product is not a contraceptive


It's safer, cleaner and non-synthetic 


for that boost of
natural moisture


The right consistency for no chip-chip


No fuss, no muss &
no need to waste tissues

free of

Made with just 5
quality ingredients

made with

Carefully crafted with your pleasure in mind


good old H2O

Aloe extract
provides natural moisture

natural preservative

Hydroxyethyl cellulose
natural thickener

Sodium benzoate
natural food-grade preservative

Why we made Glide

Ever thought lube isn’t ‘sexy’? We’re putting that myth to bed. Lube literally exists to make your pleasure more pleasurable. But most products currently out there seem like an afterthought– made with poor ingredients, hidden chemicals, and strange flavours.

We wanted to create something that’s made with ingredients you can trust. That’s safe to use in your most intimate regions. And that adds to the moment, instead of drenching it in sticky goo. So we created Glide– a personal moisturising jelly, made with the cleanest stuff around– water. So it feels just like the real thing. With the added goodness of aloe to keep things soft, smooth and sliding. No sticky residue, no mess, no nasties.

Whether you face dryness from latex-use or natural causes, or just want some extra grease between the sheets, Glide keeps things friction-free, pain-free and bliss-full. Use it every time you get down, or whenever you want an extra dose of moisture. 

Why buy glide?

We love lube, but hate that sticky, icky feeling. Glide is smooth and silky, but also easy to clean and wash off. Oh, and it leaves no residue, just the way it should be.

While this should go without saying for any product that goes on your body, Glide is made with the cleanest stuff around. It only has 5 ingredients, and has zero additives like fragrances, glycerin, silicone, parabens or petroleum.

Ever found getting down to be painful? Glide is your answer - it just makes everything better, smoother, and funner, without the friction.


“I always used to think this kind of stuff was for old people. Now that I’ve used it, I’ll never go back”

Karthik mishra

“FINALLY! A good, natural lubricant that doesn’t get all gross and sticky!”


“Made me switch over from Durex. Thank you MyMuse!”

Mehul R.

“The texture is great - it’s not too sticky and when it dries, it feels like it was never there. Provides good slipperiness”

Devika D.

“The tube packaging was my favorite part. It’s discreet and beautiful, and allows quick access during the act. All lubes should come with flip tops!”


“Premium product with no taste or smell. Aloe extract is different than other cheap lubricants”

Pankaj Rehmann

“I used to use lotion usually for solo time. I tried this and it is simply amazing! 100% recommend!”


“This stuff is amazing. It makes my wife very happy!”

Mohan B.

“Very soothing - I felt no irritation at all and it helped make things much easier”

Prerita S.