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Gifting Guide

Happiness can't be bought,
but you can hit it pretty close with MyMuse!

MyMuse: Our Top Pick
MyMuse: Our Top Pick : Valentine's Day gift box
₹ 8,000
₹ 9,846

The Lover's Kit

₹ 8,000

Our pick this season is the Limited Edition Gift box. To set the mood just right, with products designed to get you in the zone.

Valentine's Day gift set: This Valentine's day, Gift Pleasure
MyMuse: With a partner
MyMuse: With a Partner : Play
Under The Sheets: An Intimate Card Game
₹ 999
₹ 1,199

Under The Sheets

Get under the sheets of topics that are often left unaddressed. Play this fun card game with a partner or close friends to explore intimacy in a whole new way.

The Getting Down Kit
₹ 6,250
₹ 6,998

The Getting Down Kit

The Getting-Down Kit is our go-to for major bedroom fun. With a Pulse massager & Glide Jelly, there’s infinite ways to explore – solo or together.

MyMuse: For Yourself
MyMuse: For Yourself : Mood
MyMuse: Wink
₹ 999


Our silky-soft eye mask is designed to give you ultimate comfort, whether for sleep or for play. A cheeky blindfold for your bedroom escapades.

MyMuse: Palm
₹ 4,999


Good things come in small packages! Palm is a compact, hand-held body massager that bends to your vibe. Sleek, discreet, and endlessly versatile.

MyMuse: Gift Sets
MyMuse: Gift Sets : Kits
Mymsue: The Slip & Silde Kit
₹ 2,050
₹ 2,298

The Slip & Slide Kit

Slip & Slide with a Glide Jelly & Glow Oil of choice. Start with a luxurious massage, and then explore all kinds of pleasure.

MyMuse: Grand Gesture kit
₹ 8,800
₹ 9,796

The Grand Gesture

The Grand Gesture is the ultimate decadence, with everything you need to up your bedroom game. 

MyMuse: Valentine's Day Date ideas
MyMuse: Valentine's Day Date ideas

3 Valentines Day Date Ideas For Every Kind Of Couple

It’s that time of the year again, folks. Love is the air - and the shopping aisles, windows, heck even websites are slowly turning red. The divide between the “I love LOVE” people and “I’ll puke if I see another heart shaped anything” people is getting more and more real. Read More