Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation vs Gender - Learn The Basics

Swagata Deshmukh - May 14, 2024

Ever mixed up sexual orientation and gender? Don’t worry, our article is here to clear things up that's perfect for anyone looking to learn the basics with a bit of fun!

“Caitlyn Jenner was a man, is now a woman, and says she's heterosexual? Wait, how does that work?” said someone on Reddit, and the thread was flooded with people calling them ignorant. Sure, there are ways to educate yourself but it doesn’t make you ignorant. This question may seem straightforward to some, but it highlights a common confusion about the differences between gender, and sexual orientation—terms that are often mentioned but not always understood. If you've ever found these concepts a bit puzzling, you're certainly not alone. Let's delve into them a bit more!

Sexual Orientation

Sexual orientation

This is all about who you're drawn to, who you want to have a date night with, or who you fall in love with. Let’s talk about some examples of different sexual orientations. Some folks are attracted to the opposite gender (heterosexual), some to the same gender (homosexual), and some find themselves experiencing little to no sexual attraction to others (asexual). Your sexual orientation isn't set in stone and you don’t need any sexual orientation test. So, does sexual orientation change? It does because it is fluid like Slick and can change and evolve over time. 


Think of gender as the way you identify yourself, which might be as a woman, a man, or a non-binary person who doesn't fit the traditional labels. This is your gender identity. For instance, someone might be born male but identify and live as female. How you express this identity through your clothing, behaviour, the personal massagers you use, and interactions is your gender expression, which may or may not align with societal expectations. 

Sexual Orientation


No matter what your sexuality and gender are, every person is special and valid 🌈 As a gender-neutral brand delivering the best hand-held personal massager for women, we're all about celebrating that uniqueness. Find what resonates with you in our collection. 

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Sexual Orientation

Sexual Orientation vs Gender - Learn The Basics

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