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Pros & Cons of Live-in Relationship in India

Entering a live-in relationship in India can be a tough decision to make as there are many pros & cons to consider. But, we may have something to help you make up your mind.

A live-in relationship in India isn’t as uncommon as you perceive them to be because there are a few who definitely frown upon it. There is no denying that this has led to a good percentage of the youth today to be still very overtly conspicuous about the social ripple they may cause. So, what do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of a live-in relationship?

It is always better to make an informed decision than a rash one. I say this because oftentimes, we end up making judgement calls based on assessments that aren’t completely our own. 

You must make a well-thought-out decision about the relationship you share before deciding to take this step. So, before you decide whether a live-in relationship is good or bad for you, how about exploring a few of the pros and cons of the construct?

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The Salivating Bonuses

Marriage is a social construct that has become lawfully accepted for two people in love living together. Live in relationships are exactly that but without the bands on your fingers. They allow you the luxury of getting to know and understand your partner on a deeper level. If you and your partner are deciding to tie the knot, then this could be exactly what you need before making the big decision. That’s because it lets you evaluate each other and the areas you may need to work on mutually.

On the other hand, just the thought of being in the constant presence of each other as you sit on the couch or go to bed together can give butterflies in the stomach. I mean, just waking up next to your partner in the morning can be such bliss in itself. That being said, many people choose to have a live-in relationship in India because not everyone may be able to handle the commitments when one enters a marriage. Sometimes concerns regarding the legal bindings of marriage become the very factors that can suffocate a partner in the relationship. It can also help couples avoid the risk of a messy divorce battle in a country like India where it can become a social affair in itself.

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The Unpleasant Bitterness

According to the law,  a live-in relationship in India is legal. So, there is nothing of precedence that can deny you the sweet time with your beau if you wish to have it. But the social constraints and distastes of many are still factors that contribute to the disadvantages of live-in relationships in India. Especially among the older generation, the open expression of a relationship between two people outside of marriage is still quite unacceptable, and often face unfair harassment.

Another major disadvantage of live-in relationships is the lack of commitment that one or more partners in a relationship can begin to develop. Fighting, quarreling, bickering, and uneasiness are all a part of living together with your partner. They cannot be denied but can only be solved rationally. This can be caused by the lack of personal space that comes as a result of spending a considerable amount of time together. While ironically for others, the sense of monotony can also be the issue that leads to a separation.

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Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Though live-in relationships in India may still be at the budding stage where it is still finding footing for validation in society, they have become significantly accustomed to the urban life of the big cities. It may not be long before they start finding acceptance as a whole. However, the disadvantage of commitment and monotony in a live-in relationship can be solved by spicing things up. Explore new avenues like learning new things together like pottery or dancing or just doing new things for each other like writing a poem or cooking something new. And when it comes to bedroom games, introduce yourselves to adult toys that’ll just blow your mind like Beat!

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