MyMuse’s AntiDate card game

What To Do If You Run Out Of Questions To Ask On A First Date

Tanya Shah - Jul 17, 2024

Your search for the perfect date night activity ends here. Meet AntiDate: Your solution to never running out of questions to ask on a first date. 

Picture this: You’re finally on a date with the cutie you’ve been texting for over 3 weeks now. Your hair is coordinating with you for once, the outfit you imagined in your head actually worked out and you get a table at your favourite bar immediately even though it’s a Friday night. 

But for some reason, the vibe is just OFF and inching towards the friend zone. Conversations are falling flat, you’ve run out of questions to ask on a first date and awkward silences are filling the spaces that were meant for holding hands & some spicy tension. 


Screaming Internally First Date

Enter AntiDate.

✨Taadaa ✨

Bid adieu to the nervous giggling or bad first date ideas and say hello to AntiDate, the ultimate icebreaker card game with the right questions to ask on a first date. It promises to take your date from awkward to awesome. Here to save the day and give you interesting things to talk about on a first date, this dating card game is the ultimate wingman. 

How Do We Go On An AntiDate? 

Well, you don’t GO on an AntiDate, you just turn your date into one, by playing this super fun card game. With 100 cards spread over 4 categories, this naughty game for couples can not only break the ice but turn up the heat enough to MELT IT altogether, iykwim ;) 

Date Night Flirting

As much as we pretend, conventional love stories can be hella cute and 100% something you want. But why not give yours an unconventional start instead with these questions to ask on a first date? Shuffle all the cards together and pick one at random if you’re feeling adventurous or separate them into their 4 categories to skip the surprises and build the spice.

Categories galore 

This Or That: 

Quick, light-hearted questions to ask on a first date that are sure to spark some intriguing debates & get to know the other person while still keeping it snappy. For example, you’ll be asked to choose whether you would want to have the power to breathe underwater or walk on clouds.


Dive deeper into each other's lives with thought-provoking and unique questions that even you didn’t know you had the answers to. You might be asked ‘What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?’

Woman chugging her a drink


What’s a date without a few ethical dilemmas amirite? Engage in entertaining moral conflicts that shed light on each other's values and beliefs. Here’s a prompt for you-

You forgot a date that you’ve already rescheduled twice. Do you make up a “work emergency” and reschedule a third time or own up and apologise, profusely, or ghost them and block their number?

Cosy Up

Get naughty, play nice with these daring prompts that’ll turn up the heat and take your date night to the next level. Get ready give your date a kiss, they decide where.

Play for as little or as long as you’d like. As long as the game gets the conversation going and the good vibes flowing (of have you pull out the best lubricant gels and oils), you know it’s a good sign.

Forget asking your friends to go on a double date or asking them what to do on a first date. Lay your cards on the table and get dating with AntiDate

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