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Neurodivergent & Queer: Exploring Intersection Of Spectrums

Living with ADHD as a queer person has been one wild roller coaster ride through my thoughts and emotions. It's like a never-ending loop of rainbow-coloured chaos with a side of impulsive dance moves.

Welcome to the wild and wonderful world of ADHD. Sometimes it's like having a mental tornado that spins my thoughts and emotions in a constant frenzy. Imagine trying to catch a million fireflies with a butterfly net— That's been my life as a 26-year-old neurodivergent woman growing up in India. But guess what? There's another exciting twist to my story—I'm also queer! And let me tell you, the intersection of neurodivergence and lgbtq+ has taken me on a thrilling ride of self-discovery and understanding!

Dating Adventures: Navigating Love with My ADHD Superpowers

My ADHD adds an extra layer of excitement and unpredictability to the mix. Picture this: a first date at a cosy café. We're engaged in a conversation, and out of nowhere, my ADHD kicks in. Suddenly, my brain decides it's time for an impromptu comedy show. I crack a joke, only to realise seconds later that it was a little too sarcastic, leaving my date utterly bewildered. It's like my brain has a knack for hitting the "send" button on my thoughts before giving them a proper filter.  Well, it doesn't help that ADHD in women is often overlooked, making it harder to find understanding.


On the bright side, my neurodivergent superpowers also make my relationships unique. I love being spontaneous and surprising my beloved with super-personalised gifts.  When I love, I love hard and passionately. In Dwight’s words, “You couldn’t handle my undivided attention.” And hey, let's not forget that I'm queer too! It adds another dimension as going beyond the heteronormative rules of society brings new dating experiences and lessons like dating a non-binary person.

Love and Neurodivergence: Finding My Perfectly Imperfect Match

I'm proudly queer! So I don't necessarily fit into society's traditional box of expectations when it comes to my sexual orientation and gender identity. And let me tell you, embracing my queerness has been a journey of self-acceptance and discovery. I've faced my fair share of struggles and triumphs along the way, but it's within the intersection of neurodivergence and queerness that I've found my true strength.

Jonathan Van Ness talking about confidence


It's almost like fate had a hand in it when I found myself in a relationship with a fellow neurodivergent person. Being with a neurodivergent partner is like having a built-in understanding and empathy system. We navigate a world that often misunderstands and marginalises us, and that shared experience creates an unspoken connection, like our own secret language. It's a beautifully imperfect journey where we learn to accommodate each other's quirks and celebrate the magic of being neurodivergent together. Honestly, we can be featured in Modern Love Mumbai’s new season. 

Sure, being in a relationship with another neurodivergent person has its challenges. We both have moments of impulsivity or sensory overload that add complexity to our dynamic. But those challenges also lead to some of our most magical moments. We learn to give each other space, embrace our differences, and find joy in the shared experiences that only we truly comprehend. It's a gift—a beautifully chaotic journey where we laugh, cry, and support each other through the ups and downs, creating our own unique but perfect love story that celebrates the magic of being beautifully different, both individually and as a couple.


Sensory Overload SOS

Okay, let's get real for a moment. Sensory overload can be overwhelming, especially for someone with ADHD like me. It's like my senses are on overdrive and finding comfort in intimate moments can be a challenge. Glide Silicone lubricant gel is perfect for those butterflies-in-my-stomach moments! It's like a calming balm for my hyperactive senses, allowing me to fully embrace the pleasure of the moment. And then the best trick is to have clear communication and be honest about what I’m feeling. It is the heartbeat of any relationship, and as someone with ADHD, it's even more important for me. 

As I continue navigating the intricate paths of having ADHD and being queer, I'm grateful for the unique perspective and strength these spectrums bring to my life.

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