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MyMuse's Top 5 Out-of-the-Box Stress-Busting Ideas

Stressed out and also out of ideas on how to relax? Take a chill pill and don’t stress more for MyMuse brings you amazing stress-busting ideas to help you.

Stress is like a giant party crasher that shows up uninvited and refuses to leave. It's the ultimate buzzkill and can turn even the most laid-back person into a hot mess. We at MyMuse have compiled a list of some of the easiest out-of-the-box stress-busting ideas to make you feel like you are on a peaceful tropical vacation. So, get your piña colada and let's get to de-stressing!

Deep In The Tub

Having a rough day? Feeling creatively challenged? Had a fight with boo? Luckily, the divine realm of relaxation called the ‘bathroom’ contains the ultimate solution to your stress problems. Just take a dip in the tub to wash all your worries away as you lie in there for perpetual stress-free eternity and rise out like a shiny phoenix glazing in soap water. Want to take that process to the next level, light some aromatic candles that compliment the mood of the tub when you are in for the dip. Think MyMuse’s Spark scented candles with amazing choices ranging from four uniquely sensual aromatherapy profiles. Your troubles will be gone and you’ll smell great, too!

Boo? Yeah!

Forget about pumping your heart in the gym, just have a heart-to-heart conversation with your significant other. Now there are infinite benefits to doing this. Straight off the bat, the fact that you can have an infinitely deeper connection between the two of you is a win by itself. But if you are seeking more reasons then just look at their satisfied smile of knowing they’re your personal therapist. Trust us, it will go a great way in at least building tremendous trust in a relationship that is projected to only grow stronger. Bonus points if you can talk about exploring in the bedroom, like trying candle play with Melt massage candles or roleplay, to relieve the stress physically. 

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Certified Nut Job

Bust a nut so that you can bust whatever’s stressing you. Yeah, post-nut clarity is the way to go people! If you haven’t experienced it yet, then it is one of the most eye-opening moments you can have and it is advisable to actively seek it whenever you are stressed. Ride the high and enjoy the clarity that comes with it. We have got the perfect little assistant for your passion bosses– the MyMuse Beat male stroker & Breeze massager. See, scientifically speaking and also referencing this, the release of hormones and neurotransmitters can help with reducing stress. 

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Get Lost

As children, nothing calmed us down and gave us endless joy than getting lost in our own worlds. Whether it’s reading, playing a sport, or creating art, hobbies have always been the culmination of our essence as a person. It should be one of the first places that we should revisit when we aren’t feeling ourselves on a particular day. Take a walk down memory lane and recreate those wonderful memories that you have built on that quiet summer afternoon. Or just get the wink eye mask and enjoy an afternoon nap as you did as a kid. 

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Touch Yourself

Stress is a sure sign of your body asking you to keep your laptop and phones away and take care of your body. It is quite rare for most people to actually take the time to engage in a self-care routine for the sake of relieving stress. So, cook yourself a meal, go out & touch grass or use self-care products that can make the body feel relaxed and your skin refreshingly nourished. Just pair MyMuse’s Glow Relaxing massage with your partner for a dual relaxing session. Who knows, you might chance to enjoy some sensual play too, courtesy of this amazing massage oil.

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