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Why Trust Issues Are The Worst Thirdwheel In A Relationship

Often, trust issues have a long and storied history in relationships or are firmly anchored in past events. So, once they creep into your relationship, they can be hard to get rid of.  

One of our favorite movie theories is the Jack and Rose one. It is believed by a group of people that Jack trusted Rose to give him the plank after a while but as we know it, Rose didn't and Jack became a very handsome ice cube. It is endearing and inspirational to see Jack entrust Rose with his life. 

While that kind of trust is not something we endorse, trust is crucial for the growth of happy, healthy, and fulfilling relationships. Trust issues may open the door to negative attitudes, behaviors, or feelings of suspicion and envy. This can eventually develop into more serious issues like abuse on an emotional or physical level. If it is in its worst state, fixing it will need more than just the ritualistic couple gifts for the anniversary. Trust issues are the absolute worst. 

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Depresso That Cannot Be Sorted By An Espresso

Being in a relationship with someone you don't trust might make at least one or everyone involved,  depressed. An event in the relationship, such as dishonesty or a spouse lying about their finances, might make the other partner feel insecure or vulnerable. When trust is lost in a relationship, one party starts to doubt the union as a whole. The partner may subsequently experience depression if they perceive the relationship to be deceptive.

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The Worst of All Securities: Insecurity

A partner feels insecure when there is a lack of trust or communication in the relationship and insecure individuals tend to project negative actions and judgments frequently. You can notice some early signs of insecurity in a relationship. When people start to feel uncomfortable about their relationship and have doubts about their significant other, they start to act in a domineering way. Sometimes to monitor their significant other, they will even phone or text incessantly. This kind of insecurity leaves little room or space to breathe in a relationship. The worst part is the lack of closure for both parties once it ends because neither is wrong from where they stand.

The Devil Works Hard But Anxiety Works Harder

After a relationship's trust has been broken, anxiety levels generally rise. For instance, after an affair, the partner fears their spouse is still lying or cheating. Their other relationships are also impacted by this anxiousness. They may start to distrust or doubt their friends or coworkers, too. The anxiety that ensues from the lack of trust in a relationship can consume both parties in its wake. It may eventually need to be treated with medicine or counseling, but is it love when one inflicts such pain?

Woman pointing towards a man in displeasure

It’s A Not-So-Fun Passing The Ball Game

After the first shock wears off, it is possible to address trust issues and talk about how they have damaged the relationship, but long-lasting repercussions may persist or lead to the end of the relationship. The psychological trauma of trust concerns frequently leads to the couple separating sometime after the occurrence. It may be difficult for couples to deal with hurt, betrayal, and distrust. While a licensed therapist or counselor can be helpful, the couple may also need to consider splitting. The trust difficulties that one partner experienced and acted on may well be passed on to the other partner, who then projects the same concerns onto their subsequent relationships even after parting ways. 

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No Emotional availability = No Physical availability

When a relationship is under suspicion and loses its spark as a result, people frequently physically withdraw from their partner. When one is fixated on distrust and not on resolving the problem, intimacy is compromised. The offended partner withdraws physical affection because they are so intent on feeling vindicated that they are not focused on finding a solution to the problem. This could manifest in subsequent relationships too.

Daniel Bryan Hug GIF in WWE

Some trust issues have a long and storied history in your relationship or are firmly anchored in past events. If you are actively trying to be more honest with one another but still can't seem to get past the mistrust, a counselor can help you go further into the problems. The counselor might be able to see a contributing factor that you are unaware of and provide you with exercises to assist you to get over those problems. Or if it's something small, you may resolve it on your own and send each other some special couple gifts for the anniversary even if it’s not your anniversary to spark things up. 

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