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Let's Talk About Natural Aphrodisiacs

Move beyond the garam doodh and rely on science-backed natural aphrodisiacs to get you in the mood.

Nothing beats the subtle power of scents when it comes to the art of silent seduction. A small sniff of an aromatic massage oil can elicit a visceral reaction in your mind and your body. At MyMuse we’re gaga for fragrances and their complexities: the vivid visions they evoke, whether it's the nostalgia of childhood or a flashback of your first love, they can transport you back to a moment in your life that can deepen your connection to the fragrance itself and the person wearing it. The power of scents as natural aphrodisiacs are no longer just whimsical rumors. 

Scientists have verified that olfactory senses have a stronger link to memory and emotion than any other senses. While aromas are subjective to everyone, there are some fragrances whose notes have been known to spark arousal in humans and now we have actual proof. Here are some of the natural aphrodisiacs in Glow Arousing, Glow Relaxing and Spark that connect scent to sensuality: 


Jane Hendler, a natural perfumer and herbalist explains, “Many woodsy base notes, like patchouli, elicit the strongest aphrodisiac reactions, because they can stimulate hormone receptors.” Deep, woody and reminiscent of wet soil, patchouli was beloved among the 1960s hippie free spirited crowd. Our relaxing massage oil has a newer interpretation of patchouli that is sophisticated and sensual, with a boho-chic core.

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Present in our aromatic massage oil and Spark soy-wax candle, jasmine excites the body’s hormone receptors that create a physical aphrodisiac reaction. They also “mentally take us to magical places that make us amorous,” explains Hendler. 

Across our culture and others, jasmine was a rare and sought-after flower, symbolising various aspects of sexuality in each area. In China, it symbolised the sweetness of women. Closer home, Kama, the God of pleasure and sexuality used jasmine blossoms in his arrows which is why including it in Glow Arousing was a no-brainer.


Its deep aroma is stimulating and opens up the energy system, sparking a feeling of self-acceptance that spills over to others. It has an uplifting effect on your mood that is sure to keep you up at night for all the right reasons. Spark our Bergamot Mahogany candle with a few glasses of red wine to experience the ultimate effect of this natural aphrodisiac.


In Indonesian tradition, the wildly aromatic flowers that produce the sweet, fruity ylang-ylang oil are scattered across the bed of newlyweds on their wedding night to benefit from their aphrodisiac properties. In a recent study, participants reported feeling more relaxed, with an elevated mood, and generally more “in harmony” with their mind, body, and souls after inhaling its scent. When massaged into skin, this aromatic massage oil relieves pent-up stress, and, some say, sparks sexual experimentation.

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