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Intimate Massage for 1: 4 Tips For Flying Solo

Because solo sex is as important as partnered sex. 

When it comes to spicing things up, we don't always think about the time we spend on our own. We at MyMuse think that wild and spirited solo sessions are just as important as partnered sex. Through solo intimate massages you can explore new avenues of self pleasure which are sure to make you feel good from the inside out. Want to indulge in a party of one? Here are some ideas for the next time you’re flying solo, to turn up the intensity of self-pleasure.

Know Thyself

When we think about adding to our sexual arsenal, we tend to focus on partnered sex only. But self-massages are also a great way to understand what gets us going, and honing in on what works and what doesn’t. There is nothing sexier than a person who understands their body and can express it with confidence.
Vulva owners: The universe has blessed you with a beautiful paradise of erogenous zones down there. Play with pressure and speed to experience all the right sensations.
Penis owners: Your penis isn’t the only pleasure center. Try to tickle and tease your prostate to discover a whole new world.

Own Your Fantasies

Whether it’s watching, listening to, or making your own porn– embrace what turns you on, and leave behind the shame. Give yourself the permission to indulge in the unknown. You never know what you’ll find.

In case you want to know more about sensual massages, we wrote about that here: The Ultimate Guide to Sensual Massage

Indulge Your Senses

Each one of us has erogenous zones on our bodies that incite feelings of pleasure. Focusing on these parts can make your solo sesh much more enriching and enjoyable. A great way to do this is by incorporating aromatherapy into your self-massage. Try Glow Relaxing. A few drops of this relaxing massage oil will instantly transport you to your favorite spa destination. 

Let it Go

Acclaimed podcast host and sexologist Dr. Jess believes that sounds are an essential part of the orgasmic experience. Don’t feel obliged to keep quiet just because there isn’t anyone around to listen to you. Engage and enjoy the sounds of your sighs and don’t muffle your moans. Let them out, and let them go!

MyMuse Pro Tip

Many of us find it hard to give time to ourselves, making it tough to get in the headspace for self-pleasure. Try creating a routine that makes you feel alive. Take yourself on a date, or cook yourself a lavish meal. Spark a candle in your room, put your feet up, and indulge yourself with a relaxing massage oil. Setting the right mood is important even if you’re by yourself and flying solo. So what are you waiting for? Set the mood and watch the sparks fly!

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