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How To Last Longer In Bed

How To Last Longer In Bed

We’re shelling out tips for both vulva and penis-owners on how to last longer in bed 

Lasting long in bed can be hard– no pun intended. Loving your partner “long time” can be fun in theory, but when it comes to practice it can be tough to walk the walk. Many place unrealistic emphasis on being able to last all night (especially on those with penisis)– as though sex is a sport where you play till the last man is standing. Besides, hours and hours of sex doesn’t necessarily mean good sex. Even if our hearts are set on pleasuring our partners till the AM, our bodies may not follow suit.

At MyMuse we always believe in quality over quantity– so don’t count the minutes, but make the minutes count. However, in the event you do want to pull an all-nighter, what steps should you follow for an epic time?


Read on for Our Tips on How to Last Longer in Bed

Make Foreplay Last Longer

We often place undue importance on penetrative sex, as though it’s the holy grail on how to give/receive pleasure. But in our opinion, that misses the point. Foreplay gives you a chance to extend the act and satisfy your partner, without having to worry about finishing early. Some easy foreplay tips to spice up your routine include: setting the mood with an inviting candle like Spark, and indulging your partner with a sensual massage using Glow relaxing massage oil. Take your time, and enjoy the process of getting there. 


Use Lube!

And lots of it. Yes, even if you can get wet easily. Vaginal lubrication can be rather moody and may just go away for many reasons. And when the taps turn off– ouch. Having a good amount of lube is handy for penis and vulva owners alike, because it helps to keep your session going on and on. Glide is your go-to water-based lube if you want a little extra slip and slide. 


Introduce a Bedroom Enhancer

If you’re wondering how to last longer in bed, start by getting a bedroom buddy like a Pulse full body massager for yourself to explore what you like, or to help increase the pleasure of your partner. Reminder: Essential services are as important in the bedroom as they are in the outside world.

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Switch it up

The “Sex Blue Print”, made famous by porn and mainstream media is rather formulaic: Kissing, stroking, disrobing, oral, intercourse, climax, done. And penetration is seen as the “main act” that’s supposed to go on and on and on. Time to throw out the script and switch up the positions. Take breaks from penetration and go back to oral or just kissing. Dipping in and out of intercourse, is a great way to last longer in bed - and create an experience that’s unique to you instead of a choreographed routine.

Go slow

Like the age-old idiom, sometimes it’s better to be like the tortoise, not the hare. Overstimulation may be one of the reasons why you finish early. To last longer, start by going slow and gradually building things up. As you get close to the finish line, stop and wait a few seconds. This start-stop technique of delaying pleasure is known as edging, and is one of the best ways to last longer in bed. Don’t forget to talk to your partner before trying this technique.

Finally, when it comes to bedroom business or otherwise, don’t compare yourself with everything you see online (and in porn). Avoid creating unrealistic expectations, and instead focus on adopting a healthy lifestyle and trying new techniques to keep your sex life fresh and exciting. 


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