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How To Avoid The Unavoidable Fights In Relationship

It is never a pleasurable experience to have a fight with your partner. You might go through feelings of insecurity, anger, regret, guilt, and resentment. Ah! The list just goes on. If only conflicts didn’t exist, but that is not possible. But there are some ways one can try to avoid them.

No two individuals can perceive life identically. People walk into relationships with their own diverse set of life stories and experiences. This naturally makes it impossible for two partners to mutually agree on every single thing. It is an undeniable aspect of what makes us human, but we are also fully capable of meeting each other halfway through negotiation and mutual compromise. 

In my opinion, it is, in fact, better to fight in a relationship. It creates a dialogue and paves the way for healthy communication. That being said, there are times when things get way too heated, and anger and resentment get the best of us Here are some ways that can help you fight better with your loved one.

A Compromise In Time Saves Nine

It's not easy for people to make concessions, especially when they're angry. When I talk about a compromise, it isn't because I'm referring to any kind of whim-of-the-moment bargain or am I talking about fights that are put off just for the sake of it. Keep in mind that the goal is to bring things back into balance without jeopardising your position or integrity, particularly if you are not at fault. In moments like these, meeting in the middle works wonders and tension on both sides. It is also the most sensible option.

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Put Yourself Into The Other’s Shoes 

When you are in the midst of a conflict with your partner, it is imperative that you try to look at the world through their eyes. Why are they aggravated, what are they feeling and how do they see the situation or issue at hand? Seeking the answers to these questions is bound to help resolve your conflicts, or ease the tension at the very least. Fights can understandably get your pulse racing. Calming down, trying to understand your partner’s POV and letting them know that you understand how they feel will resolve your fight much, much faster.

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Talking Takes Toxic Out Of Relationships

When discussions happen on a whim, there may be too many things to unpack in too short a time. In such a situation, the one who is being confronted is usually not prepared to face their partner and the problems they wish to discuss. On top of that, if things keep unfolding and the situation prolongs then it almost never bodes well. 

Thus, it is always helpful to schedule talks on a regular basis, especially when the agenda is to discuss issues you and your partner may be facing in your relationship. Perhaps a discussion once a week or month, whichever you are comfortable with. You can even make these discussions extra comfortable with a handheld body massager like Palm.  A relaxed body equals a relaxed mind.

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Be Calm As A Breeze

Lashing out at your partner will never solve anything. The angrier one gets, the more likely they are to make the situation worse. Making statements that resemble demands or orders should be avoided; relationships are based on a balance of several factors such as power, trust, and respect. It is unproductive to bring negative emotions from other parts of life into arguments with your partner. It is crucial that both you and your partner communicate effectively and calmly if you want to resolve the conflict.

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Establish a climate of love.

Any manner of conflict management can be nailed or ruined depending on the consistency and love that the environment exudes. Try engaging in more romantic activities with your partner on a regular basis. Shower your partner with gifts such as The Grand Gesture and show them that you care. Conflicts become easier to deal with fewer hiccups when you and your partner feel constantly loved. Taking steps like these can help the two of you to focus your combined energies on looking for solutions when you arrive at an impasse. Remember, it's preferable to establish a good connection than it is to win a heated argument!

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