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Skin Hunger

Feeling Skin Hunger In A City Of 2 Crore Dreamers

Skin hunger can feel particularly tough to deal with, especially if you're starting afresh in a new city, like me. Here's how you can effectively deal with it. 

It has been exactly eight months since I moved to Mumbai. How’s it going, you ask? Well, it’s been a roller coaster. I still haven’t settled here mentally—and to an extent, physically. I find the dating pool is abysmal as a non binary person, to say the least. I often find my mind wandering to the lover I left behind when I moved to this city. The kisses were sweet, and the cuddles were immaculate. I had never met someone that made me feel as safe and loved as they did. And then the daydreaming begins. Needless to say, the skin hunger is a real struggle but I’m gonna help you get through it.

What Even Is Skin Hunger?

Sliding hands


Skin hunger, also known as touch hunger or touch deprivation, is like that craving for comfort food. But instead, it's the deep yearning for some good old human touch and affection. Just like a warm hug or a friendly pat on the back can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, a lack of physical contact can leave you feeling a little lonely and blue.

For someone (like me) whose love language is physical touch and who loves holding hands, it is like a magical potion that releases those happy hormones. When you've been touch-starved for too long, you might find yourself feeling a bit down in the dumps and in dire need of a big bear hug. That probably explains why I’ve been feeling homesick. 

Of course, I thought it was a made-up concept—until I did a deep dive on the internet. After speaking to several people and some friends in long-distance relationships, I concluded that it's as real as the air we breathe. Skin hunger, despite its quirky name, is a genuine and profound human experience. Through these conversations, I realized that my own experience wasn't just a fleeting emotion or some strange craving. It was a shared human need that connects us all. I wasn't alone in this, and that was oddly comforting.

So, How Do You Deal With Skin Hunger?

Make Self-Care Your Go-To

If, like me, you’re also trying to make it in a new city all by yourself, I would encourage you to use this time to practice some self-love and get to know yourself better. You may as well since you have all this time now. Start slow with simple things like giving yourself a hug (yes, it works!), or pampering yourself with a massage—I recommend using something warming and luxurious like Glow Relaxing oil. Self-care products like these can also help you feel grounded.

Explore Sensory Activities

Man meditating


Engage in sensory activities that can provide comfort and help you deal with skin hunger. Surround yourself with soft and cosy materials, such as plush blankets or comfortable pillows. Burn incense or light a candle like Spark to create a soothing ambience. You can also try temperature play with different things like ice or Melt massage candles. Elevate this experience with the Wink eye mask. Trust me, you’ll love it. 

Reconnect With Yourself

Try engaging in activities that awaken your senses and help you connect with your body; like dancing, yoga, pottery, or even painting. If you’ve been feeling particularly disconnected from your body lately, they could also help rekindle the connection. And who knows, you might end up meeting someone. And when you’re feeling up to it, try self-exploration with a handheld personal massager like Palm. You could also try using something like the Pulse full body massager too. Both of them are really nothing short of the best mini massager for women and non-binary folks alike.

If you're out there feeling the skin hunger a little too much, let me tell you this – it's okay. Embrace your need for human touch; it doesn't make you weak or overly sentimental. It makes you beautifully human. It’s ok to ask for help, and if you feel comfortable and safe, a hug too. These three simple things have been helping me a little with my skin hunger, and I sincerely hope they help you too. 

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