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Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Her

An anniversary is that one day when you want to make your partner feel special and celebrate all the memories you have shared with them. Showering your partner with love and affection should be something that you always do, but putting that extra effort into a special day can make it a thousand times better for them. ‘What should I get her?’ must be the question running through your mind. Well, we’re here with a list of anniversary gift ideas for her that will surely put a smile on her face.

A Relaxing Getaway

Planning a vacation can be tough in the covid-era. However, nothing should stop you from exploring the perfect anniversary gift ideas for her. You can recreate those vacation vibes right at the comfort of your home. Just set up your place, play your favourite good-vibes vacation playlist, and prepare a dish that reminds you of your favourite destination. To set the mood exactly right, get your hands on our Mood Setter Kit. Pamper her to the max– All she has to do is lay back, relax, and let the combination of Glow Relaxing massage oil with our unique Spark scented candle work its magic. 

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Date Night

The best anniversary gift ideas for her always include a date night. Nothing can beat a romantic date after a long, tiring week. Write down little notes of all the things you love about her and scatter them around the house to surprise her from the moment she walks in. Light some scented candles, and put on some mood music to set the tone. Ditch your phones, and spend the evening staring into each others eyes (and maybe some other things too ;) 

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Personalised hamper

The most special gifts aren’t always the most expensive ones. Gifts are about the little details, and it truly is the thought that matters. Make a personalized hamper for her, by compiling little things she loves (like teas, candles, or a cute printed crop tops). Add a sentimental touch, with some precious and funny photos of your relationship, and write a heartfelt handwritten letter. This is one of the best anniversary gift ideas for her, and one she’s sure to treasure for years to come.

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