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7 MyMuse Reviews That Shocked Our Team

Mymuse Admin - May 28, 2024

Our MyMuse Family is just as innovative as our products. Here are 7 shocking MyMuse India’s reviews to prove that Os can make you smarter!

If you think our team was creative, you must read what our super-creative customers write as reviews. From losing their souls to using our massagers on repeat, we’ve heard it all! Nothing is off limits when it comes to pleasure, as we always say. So, let us share 7 saucy reviews about MyMuse India from folks of all sexual orientations that had our team’s jaw on the floor!

A surprised Britney Spears

Breeze mini massager

“This beauty will make you feel like the Queen you were always meant to be. By the time you hit that O, your soul will separate from your body like some Doctor Strange move. Now you've reached the need-an-Excorism level. Palms sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, weirdly craving spaghetti. You'll become your biggest cheerleader. You're the freaking champion. You're going to finish. You deserve this. You freaking know you do.”

She’s got a point. You definitely deserve the pleasure only Breeze can give you!

Mini bullet massager

“It is easy to hide and does not intimidate people who are just opening up to toys. I think the price is also just lovely and the baby is powerful!! I love that you have provided a band as it literally makes it feel like an extension of our own body but also helps in avoiding that numbing/vibrating feeling after using it for long period in our hand.”

Using Mini a day keeps hand cramps away!

Beat massager for men

“I have bought Beat massager, loop massager, glide gel, and massage oil. All your products are just amazing with superb quality. We expect good innovations from you guys. The quality of your products is so good that we cannot compare them with any other products in India.”

Even if you do compare, we know we’ll win.

A woman high-fiving herself

Groove wand massager for women

“I am using it for my neck strain and pain instead of the intended purpose and it really helps. It helps with calf pain too.”

This MyMuse India’s Groove’s review proves its versatility. 

Jack pocket stroker

“I wanted to use it straight away but had to appreciate the packaging and all the graphical works that came along with the product. I held back my urge and did not do it for 2 days just to do it with Jack. My first experience was just SO GOOD. I haven’t had such a great O on my own after that.”

You never forget your firsts, right?

Link remote-controlled massager for internal & external use

“I was worried that this might be too loud for outdoor play but it was not. I wore this and went out and it was so fun. I’m crying god bless MyMuse!”

We are blessed with lovely customers like you!

Pulse full-body massager

“The experience was so enjoyable with Pulse and the best lubricant in India that is Glide, that I could feel an incredible sensation as if my soul were exiting through my legs.”

Sorry for the unintentional exorcism! But we loved this review about MyMuse India’s Pulse.

A woman showing a heart sign

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