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5 Questions To Test Your Live-In Relationship Rules

Mymuse Team - May 31, 2024

By asking these five questions to test your live-in relationship rules in India, you can ensure you’re building a solid foundation for a happy and harmonious home. 

Congratulations! You’re now sharing more than just Instagram reels with each other – you’re sharing a space, bills, and maybe even a toothbrush (though we wouldn’t recommend it). Living together can be a rollercoaster of emotions, complete with highs, lows, and unexpected loops. But before you find yourselves arguing over whose turn it was to do the dishes, let’s your live-in relationship rules to test and find out if they're really rock-solid. Are you ready to play house?

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Let’s Test Your Live-In Relationship Rules

Chore Score

Let’s face it, unless you have a cleaning fairy, someone’s got to scrub the loo. Have you and your partner discussed how chores are divided? A relationship can quickly turn into a bad sitcom if one person feels like they’re doing all the work. So, ask yourselves: Do you have a fair and flexible chore chart? Or are you still figuring out who takes out the trash and who should plan surprise dates ideas for a lovely couples like you? Remember, teamwork makes the dream work, especially when it comes to cleaning the kitchen after Tandoor Tuesday. So, get your live-in relationship rules in order

Kill Bill

Money can be a tricky subject, but it’s crucial to know if you’re on the same page financially. Have you discussed how you’ll split the bills? Whether you’re going 50/50, proportional to income, or flipping a coin each month, it’s important to communicate. Consider setting up a joint account for shared expenses, or using apps to track who paid for what. You don’t want your relationship to crash over a Rs. 2000 maintenance bill. So, are you bill buddies or bill brawlers?

Is There Enough Space

Next on the list of live-in relationship rules is space. Even the most loving live-in couples need some alone time and their own self-care products. Have you established boundaries for personal space and downtime? Whether it’s gaming, reading, or binge-watching reality TV, it’s important to respect each other’s need for solo activities. Ask yourselves: Do you have a code word for “I need some me-time,” or are you still figuring out how to ask politely? The answer could save you from unnecessary fights and give you both the recharge time you need.

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How Do You Handle House Guests?

Friends and family visits can be a joy or a nightmare, depending on your approach. Have you set any ground rules for house guests? This includes how long they can stay, where they’ll sleep, and how often they can visit. It’s all about balancing hospitality with your own need for space to try temperature play. So, what’s your game plan? Do you have a guest guidebook, or is it still a free-for-all? So, for the sake of your home sweet home, set this live-in relationship rule right. Getting on the same page about this can prevent your home from turning into an unplanned Airbnb.

Style Your Fights

Disagreements are inevitable, but how you handle them can make or break your cohabitation experience. Have you talked about how to resolve conflicts? Do you have a safe word to pause heated arguments, or a strategy to ensure you both feel heard? The key is to find a resolution style that works for both of you, whether it’s trying a new date night idea for couples, a cool-down period, or a dance-off (why not, right?).

Living together is an adventure, filled with laughter, love, and, occasionally, loud debates over the right way to load the washing machine. By asking these five questions to test your live-in relationship rules in India, you can ensure you’re building a solid foundation for a happy and harmonious home. 

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