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Couple standing in front of the Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India

10 Indian Pickup Lines To Start Your Bollywood Romance Asap

Want to dance your way into someone's heart Bollywood style? These 10 Indian pickup lines are your ticket to an IRL romantic blockbuster! Lights, camera, flirt!

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are a hopeless romantic, always dreaming of running through lush mustard fields towards your true love, you are at the right place. Grab your favourite pyjamas to relax and prepare to note down some serious Bollywood-level drama. So, are you ready to spice things up and translate your Kuch Kuch Hota Hai feelings into words?

One For The Loners

If You Like Bananas Come With Me Because I’m A’kela”  – Iloveindia

Alright, before you ostracize me for feasting your eyes on this one I have a very good reason for putting this here. It is one of the true yet funny Indian pickup lines that no one else can claim to be from elsewhere. Do you know why? Because bananas were discovered in India 😶. I AM NOT SORRY!!!

I regret nothing

For The Patriotic Lovers

“One date and I’ll swachh you off your feet” – inWhatLanguage

If you have ever taken Swacchh Bharat Abhiyan seriously and have toiled on the streets to leave it squeaky clean, then you truly deserve to pick up a date with this one. BAPU BLESSES YOU 😌

Vision – 20/20

“Are you smog? Because you take my breath away” – inWhatLanguage

If you are from, at, near, there, wherever close to Delhi, then you can’t complain. The best I can suggest is to try and make the most of this “Cloudy” with a chance of “Meatballs”. See what I did there, heh? HEHHH? 

Khaana Khazaana

“You are like rice and curry, I could eat you all day” – Iloveindia

No proper Indian pickup lines are complete without talking about our cuisine. So, don’t you dare cringe at this! Embrace your roots 💯

Hole In One

“Dating me is like being in a rickshaw on a potholed road - one helluva ride!”

Sharing a rikshaw when in the dating phase isn’t even a question at this point. This activity has reached milestone status. So, it only makes sense to give a proper sense of what is to come ahead. Your date night might get bumpy for all the good reasons 🕳🛺

Free at last

Send Rishtas

“Hey I don't like to brag but I have a 10-year U.S. Visa” –

One of the best Indian pickup lines for him that can make all the relatives melt like ghee on a hot paratha. Now I don’t know where and how you may want to use it. But if you ask me, I would suggest using it during muhdikhai for brownie points 😎

You Won’t Get Eliminated After This

“Our relationship is so strong, it would survive a season of Bigg Boss” –

I don’t understand what is the hype around Bigg Boss, nor do I understand why that show is still on. But despite my lack of knowledge about this yearly fiasco, I can still claim proudly that I understood that reference. A universally Indian pickup line in my opinion 👁️

For Breakfast The Day After

“Your butt is rounder than my idlis” –

Almost every Indian loves a good South Indian breakfast, and surely every Indian would love a 🍑 rounder than an idli. So you see why I had to put this here? 

Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye

“Hey, girl! You’re like a jalebi. Sweet and curvy” – Pick Up Line Galore

And for dessert-inspired Indian pickup lines, what better than the one and only jalebi? Right? 🤤 

The Wealth Passed Down To Us

“Have we met before this birth cycle because you remind me of generational trauma 😅”  – Yours truly

Yeah, I went there and yes, I know all of us have tried to reduce anxiety at some point in our lives. So, why not embrace it, use it, and exploit your true generational wealth?! Say it with me

Free at last


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