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Woman in bed with blindfold on

5 Ways Blindfolds Can Spice Things Up in The Bedroom

Let your eyes rest, and your mind open up to new sensations.

Whether you're looking to spice up your sex life or create deeper trust and intimacy, a blindfold might just be your answer. We’re here to help you spice things up in your love life and rejuvenate your sexual energy. Who knows? Introducing a blindfold to your under-the-sheets sessions can be a gateway to new levels of pleasure. Just remember to introduce the idea of blindfolds to your partner beforehand and get their consent before you dive in. And if you're ready to give blindfolds a chance, read on to level up your bedroom game…

#1 Whipped Cream, anyone?

Well, when your eyes are closed, your other senses intensify, and the excitement of the unknown can make sex so much better. So to open up other sensory experiences, try bringing food into the equation. Opt for sense-tingling treats, like strawberries, cream or chocolate. The best part? There are endless recipes for fun in the bedroom. You can play a game where your blindfolded partner has to guess the food, or eat it off your partner’s body. 

#2 Multiply Sensations

Bring your auditory senses into the mix, by wearing noise cancelling headphones or earbuds. The combo of closed eyes and closed ears can really take the sexual excitement up a notch. Always remember, a blindfold is not a barrier, rather it’s a gateway to unlocking a different set of senses. And when two of your senses are entirely closed off, every single touch can leave a tingle down your spine.

#3 Hot & Cold 

Introduce a bit of heat, or play with something cold! For those on the kinkier side, wax play is a great option to surprise the senses. But if that’s out of your comfort zone, you can opt for a massage candle. These candles are usually oil-based and their temperature is comparatively lower than hot wax. Sensual massages with warmed essential oils (like this one) are also a great option to add more heat to your intimate moments. The obvious opposite of heat play is using something cold. Instead of the typical ice cubes on the skin, you can pick some cold fruits to be kinkily tasteful. Using slightly chilled lube on bare skin will definitely leave them wanting more. 

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#4 A Feather of Excitement

Touch each other after a little-temperature play, with the blindfold still on. Let your fingers and tongue do all the exploring. If the fabric of the blindfold is warm, silky, and long, rub it along your partner’s body. Different textures on the skin can elevate your senses, so think of the blindfold as a feather that caresses your partner softly.

#5 A Touch of Aromatherapy

Use aromatic relaxing massage oils and bring scented candles into the mix. Relaxing massage oils will definitely elevate your blindfolded experience, eliciting different kinds of sensations and scents. Worried about which aromatic massage oil to choose? Try Glow Relaxing– A unique formula born and blended in India, Glow Relaxing is the perfect bedroom buddy for your blindfolded sesh.

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Final Thoughts

Whether it’s the anticipation of what comes next or the enhanced sensations with every touch, blindfolds are the unsung heroes of the bedroom. When used in the right way (with proper communication & consent) even something as simple as a makeshift fabric can make you blind with excitement and take your sex life to the next level. 

Blind fold

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