₹ 1,799.00

/ 180 g

A candle that lights the fire within

Spark is the ultimate bedroom essential. Our beautiful ceramic jar contains 100% soy-wax, with two lead-free cotton wicks that glow brighter, burn cleaner, and last longer. Spark is carefully crafted with unique combinations of natural fragrances that make your senses come alive. Use it to create the perfect, intimate mood, add a warm glow to your home, or just unwind after a long day.

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₹ 1,799.00
/ 180 g

A candle that lights the fire within

Spark is your instant dose of all things soft, sensual and oh-so-sexy. Use it to set the perfect mood, add a glow to your home, or just unwind after a long day. Made with natural fragrances and two lead-free wicks, our beautiful, soy-based candle is the ultimate bedroom essential. We’ll help you light the flame, the fire is all yours.

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Smell profiles

AKA "Late Nights and Good Times"
Spark– Bergamot Mahogany– is a distinctly playful, yet deeply alluring blend. The energizing composition of fresh Bergamot is paired perfectly with the comforting warmth of Mahogany wood. An ideal scent for all genders, this Spark candle is uniquely designed to be your companion on those late nights that lead to unforgettable memories.

AKA "Simmering Looks and Melting Moves"
Welcome to the sensual, intoxicating world of Jasmine. This floral scent has long been considered an aphrodisiac in Eastern cultures for its beautifully seductive, sweet aroma. We’ve paired it with Ylang Ylang– a hidden gem in aromatherapy, known for its freshness and stress relieving properties. A wake-up call for the senses, this Spark candle is an indulgent reminder that every day is the perfect day for love.

AKA "Small Words and Big Feelings"
Amber Vanilla is an homage to the innocence of our teenage years– sugar, spice and everything nice (and maybe a little naughty, too). The fiery warmth of Amber blended with the familiar sweetness of Vanilla creates a nostalgic fragrance that transports you to your happy place. Instantly inviting, this Spark candle is ideal for those who crave the comfort of home, mixed with a dash of exotic flavour.

AKA "Cozy Corners and Daydreams"
Masala Chai is our favourite feeling, distilled into the warm glow of a candle. Cozy and comforting, luscious and languid– a whiff of this candle instantly washes away stress and brings you a feeling of zen. Inspired by our favourite monsoon cuppa, Spark– Masala Chai– is our go-to fragrance for those relaxed, intimate moments at home, where you can just float away.


A perfect balance of complex scent profiles

100% soy

We don't mix and match - our candle is clean

2 lead-free, cotton wicks

Burns cleaner, longer and without toxins

the mood

Helps take you to your happy place

made with

Carefully crafted with your happiness in mind


Soy wax
environmentally friendly, burns longer + purer

Natural fragrances
no artificial or synthetic materials used

Why we made Spark

Honestly, who doesn’t love candles? We like to light a few every evening to instantly give us that cozy, relaxed feeling. Something about a flame is sexy, dangerous, and comforting all at once. So we decided to create our own dream candle. It looks chic wherever you place it– from your bedside table to your living room, and instantly makes your space feel warm and inviting. Our scents are carefully chosen and unusually paired– to give you a whiff of something you can’t quite put your finger on, but can’t get enough of. Just like a good lover.

Why buy Spark?

When we think of romance in its most quintessential form, the first thing that comes to mind is candlelight. The evergreen mood setter, candles create a warm glow that whisper sexy in all the right ways.

Spark comes in a beautiful gift box and is the perfect token to show someone you care. Packed with thoughtful touches and little surprises, sometimes you need to light a match to spark a flame.

Our pure, soy-based candle is made using the highest quality ingredients, including 2 lead-free wicks that burn cleanly to ensure no smoke. And it’s free from hidden chemicals like paraffin that create unhealthy fumes.


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“I purchased the Jasmine Ylang candle for my wife. She loved it, and so did I! We light it up regularly now.”


“Not overpowering or underwhelming, it’s just right!”


“The packaging is what stood out. There are thousands of candles out there but these guys haven’t cheaped out - the ceramic container is divine!”

damini M.

“I ordered the Bergamot candle and it smells so delicious! You can tell from the first whiff that it’s natural and free of chemicals.”


“I’m a little obsessed with candles, and I’ve used many. This is by far the best - balanced scents and gets me ready for the fun stuff!”

Trisha Bahadur