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Feel the pulse
Feel the pulse
Feel the pulse
Feel the pulse
Feel the pulse


Sleek & discreet, Pulse has a pointed tip and powerful vibrations perfect to target all your sweet spots
Sleek & discreet, Pulse has a pointed tip and powerful vibrations perfect to target all your sweet spots
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Box Inclusions

Suede Pouch
Suede Pouch
Instruction Manual
Instruction Manual
Charging Cable
Charging Cable

How To Use

To turn Pulse on/off, press and hold the bottom button for 3 seconds.

Explore solo or with a partner.

Use the pointed part for focused pressure, along the desired area for a gentle build up.

Pulse is best for external use.

Tech Specs

Tech Spec Image


50 grams


100% medical grade, Body-Safe Silicone


~2.5 hours

Charge time


for a full charge


11,000 RPM


Max Volume



300mAh li-ion

rechargeable battery



Meet Pulse

A beginner-friendly tool that helps you explore exciting new sensations with ease. With a pointed tip for targeted fun, and 5 powerful speed settings, Pulse is designed to deliver Os like never before.

Customer Reviews

“Okay so, this thing is powerful. It starts off with a bang..and honestly gets me there quicker than I have ever experienced before. 10/10 would recommend. ”


I used this in a different way. For my whole body, it just feels too good. And obviously, its amazing when I use it the way it was intended. "


“My life has changed since I got this lol. Honestly it just has made the whole process of self love a lot more easy, fun, and reliable. each time I use it, I know I’m gonna peak.”


Why Try Pulse

Experience O’s Like Never Before

Whether you’re looking for solo-fun or turning up the heat with a partner, Pulse delivers next-level good vibes.

Begin Your Satisfaction Journey

Pulse is the perfect tool to begin your satisfaction journey, with just one button to control all its settings and a discreet shape that’s easy to store.

Take Control

Explore all over, with Pulse’s ergonomic curves. Go fast or slow, and get creative.


Is Pulse safe for both inside and outside?

Pulse can be used in versatile ways, and is generally safe for both. However, it is designed as an external tool.

How big is Pulse?

Pulse is small and compact, sizing up at 110 x 35mm. It's designed to fit in your hand and is ultra lightweight, so you can take it wherever you go.

How do I clean and store Pulse?

You can use a silicone-compatible cleaning agent, or simply wash with warm water and soap. We recommend washing Pulse before and after each use. Just dry it off with a towel before using.While storing, make sure Pulse is dry and clean. Don’t use any alcohol, gasoline or acetone cleaners.

What is Pulse made of?

Pulse is made of platinum-grade, body-safe Silicone + ABS, and is free of BPA, phthalate and latex.

The MyMuse Promise

intimacy,<br>made easy
made easy
100 days warranty
100 days warranty
quality you <br>can trust
quality you
can trust

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