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Founders of MyMuse India – Anushka and Sahil Gupta

a note from us.


Hi. We're Anushka and Sahil, a recently married couple, and the co-founders of MyMuse. We're building a brand that aims to change the bedroom experience for all people.

Why Tho?

We didn’t grow up with a dream of one day creating a "sex-startup". The idea evolved almost by serendipity, along with our own relationship.

Like most Indians, we grew up in households where the subject of sex was swept under the rug. It existed behind closed doors, on laptop screens, and in hushed, giggly conversations with friends. But the idea of talking about sex openly, or acknowledging it as an integral part of life, was far from reality.

But also like most Indians, as we grew up, we started questioning the way things “just are”. We wondered why intimate products are sold in shady looking brown paper bags from the local chemist. And why most parents don’t have real conversations about the ‘sacred union’ between married couples. Or unmarried ones, for that matter.
Most of all, we wondered why things weren’t different.


We live in a time where entrepreneurs and creatives across the world and in India, are pushing the boundaries of how we eat, dress, consume content, think about the world, and live in it. 

But why is it that when it comes to intimacy, products just don’t exist. Or worse, make you feel ashamed for wanting to buy them?

We built MyMuse simply because we believe that the products we use in the bedroom matter. And that sexual wellness should no longer take a backseat. Because it’s a seriously important part of your mental, physical and emotional wellness, too.

Our mission is simple — to make intimacy easy, approachable, and fun for the modern Indian.

Through products designed to enhance the bedroom experience. Products built for pleasure, connection, wellness and well… fun.

So join us. Let’s take our intimate wellness more seriously. Let’s normalise conversations about sex. Let’s pay closer attention to what we put on our bodies. Let’s be better communicators, better lovers, better humans.

We believe that sex is a natural (and amazing) part of life.

It’s what makes us human.

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