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What Is A Situationship: The New Trend In Modern Dating?

New fangled dating trends confusing your minds 6 ways to Sunday? Let's get solving them one at a time then. Today’s topic: What is a situationship?

Welcome to the world of modern dating, where relationships are no longer black and white, but rather an ever-changing spectrum of grey. Enter the "situationship", a term that's recently crept into our dating vernacular like a stealthy ninja in the night. It's the lovechild of a casual fling and a committed relationship, a hybrid creature that's as elusive as a unicorn and as confusing as a Rubik's cube. So buckle up, my friends, as we delve into the mysterious realm of answering what is a situationship and attempt to unravel its cryptic ways.

What Exactly Is A Situationship?!

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In simplest terms, a situationship is a romantic entanglement that has more in common with casual relationships, but not exactly casual either.

Picture this: you've been hanging out with someone for a while, going on dates, texting every day, and maybe even spending the night together once in a while. But here's the kicker - there's no official label or commitment. That’s when you're in a situationship, my friend, a limbo-like state where the rules are fuzzy and the boundaries are hazy. You have the freedom to explore your feelings or even other people without the pressure of a label or commitment. But on the other hand, you're constantly wondering why you can’t move on from this person and keep wasting your time.

Navigating a situationship is like trying to play a game of dumb charades with old people- it's chaotic and confusing, and messages get lost in translation. Everyone's playing by their own rules, using their own handheld body massagers and you never know if you're the lead or the sidekick. So, you better buckle up because this wild ride that can lead you anywhere from the land of happily-ever-after to the valley of heartbreak.

What Does The Situationship-Ville Look Like?

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  • You're more lost than a tourist without a map - you have no clue where you stand with the other person.
  • You're in relationships limbo - not exclusive, but not really seeing other people either.
  • Your plans are about as spontaneous as social media trends
  • Your future plans together…well, there aren’t any. 
  • You've got great chemistry, but emotionally you are a failed experiment.
  • You're not sure if you're just friends, friends with benefits, or a potential power couple.
  • You haven't met each other's friends or family, and you sometimes wonder if they are undercover agents. 

    What To Do Once You Arrive There?

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    If you're searching for a real-deal relationship but have landed yourself in a situationship instead, it's time to ask yourself some tough questions. You don’t want to end up like a soggy sandwich - unsatisfied, unfulfilled, and insecure. So, if you want the real thing, it's time to ditch the stale crouton situation and find yourself a juicy, committed partner who's ready to build a solid foundation of love and trust with you. Don't settle for crumbs when you deserve the whole damn cake! But if you find yourself not being fazed by the current scenario as much, then perhaps situationship is what you are suitable for.

    Also, should you decide to cut ties or should you choose to keep going deeper into this new territory, you can always trust to arm yourself with the Groove wand. A masterclass weapon of the highest order of pleasure, capable of guiding you both in and out of a situationship without much hassle.

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