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Unhinged On Hinge: Hinge Messages That'll Leave You Speechless

Think online dating is an amazing solution to your love woes? Think again! Hinge has some messages that'll make your skin crawl. Ready for some love scare? Check 'em out!

The wild world of online dating where the messages you receive on dating apps can range from charming and witty to downright unhinged! Hinge, with its tagline "the dating app designed to be deleted," may be a popular platform for finding love, a fun weekend fling or just a date night. But it's also a breeding ground for messages that leave you scratching your head and wondering if your match was dropped on their head as a baby. And so, in this blog, we'll showcase the twisted and often hilarious world of Hinge messages that are so bizarre, they'll leave you searching for words like a mime at a spelling bee.

Very Tasteless

A woman almost puking


“I received a Hinge message that was harder to swallow than a stale bhatura. The guy commented on my looks and suggested guys have lost taste after COVID. He then boasted about his cooking skills and asked if I was interested in "Netflix and chill." Needless to say, I'm not biting on this one.” 

- A

All The Sugar In The World, And Still A No!

“The guy complimented my appearance, but then offered a friends-with-benefits or sugar relationship while boasting about his wealth and running his own company. Needless to say, I had no interest in letting him lure me into his twisted creepy web of disrespecting and delusional reality.” 

- G

Stay Starving

A woman picking up a bottle and walking out


"This was his first message to me- “Hey (with the intention of taking you out tomorrow night and eating you out later).”

Imagine the audacity of trying to wine and dine me like a ripe fruit ready to be plucked from the tree. I straight-up deleted the app! He can keep looking for someone who is willing to melt that easily into getting it on." 

- M

Red Card, Please

“I matched with a guy for the mutual interest in football but he thought it was clever to berate my love for ManU by sending me a garbage pickup line that read, "Manchester United fan? I guess you don't like to be on top!” Talk about disrespectful and sleazy and a terribly misplaced sense of humour for a first move.” 

- P

Speed Running Love? No Thanks!

A woman showing cards saying no


“Some people might be trying to find the one on dating apps but that doesn’t mean you should ask me to marry in the very first message! It felt like they were trying to rush things and move too fast. Though they did try to cover it up by claiming it was just a joke, it still left me feeling uncomfortable and unsure about their intentions.”

 - R

If you're looking for some entertainment, or perhaps a lesson in what not to say or do while dating, feel free to get on Hinge. But remember, folks, be careful who you swipe right on, and run the other way if you get questionable messages. Happy swiping!

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