Home Sweet Home: 3 The Best Dates You'll Ever Have Indoors

Home Sweet Home: 3 The Best Dates You'll Ever Have Indoors

Team MyMuse - Jun 11, 2024

Whether you're a long-time couple or newly in love, these indoor date ideas will add fun, spontaneity, and romance to your relationship. Here are our top three picks for the best date night!

Staying in is the new going out, and we're here to help you transform your cozy nest into the ultimate date night haven. Whether you're a seasoned couple or in the honeymoon phase of new love, these indoor date ideas will bring fun, spontaneity, and a touch of romance to your relationship. Ready to dive into the fun? Let’s get started with our top three picks!

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Scratch And Find Out

Surprise Dates Scratch Cards have the best date ideas for couples to last full of romantic adventures, minus the stress of planning. Each card has a category, cost, effort level, and location requirement, so you can pick one that fits your mood and situation. Feeling nostalgic? Scratch a card that takes you back in time. Want to get your creative juices flowing? There’s a card for that too. The categories are 'Naughty', 'Nostalgic', 'Creative', and 'Adventurous', ensuring there's always something to spark your interest.

With these scratch cards, your best date nights will never be dull or repetitive. Each scratch reveals a new adventure and a new way to make memories together.

Heat Things Up

Ready to add a little spice to your relationship? The Under the Sheets Naughty Card Game is your playful passport to flirty fun. Designed for couples at any stage, this game will help you discover new sides of each other and bring the heat with lubricant gel, both in and out of the bedroom.

  • If You Dare: Bold challenges to test your limits and bring out your adventurous side.
  • Have You Ever: A cheeky way to learn more about your partner’s past. 
  • Wildcards: Unexpected twists to keep the game exciting.
  • Victoria’s Secret To Reveal Some Naughty Secrets

Happy Endings To End Things With Real Happy Endings with bedroom essentials

Whether you shuffle the deck or play by category, this game guarantees the best date night with laughter, intimacy, and a whole lot of fun. It's a delightful way for passionate lovemaking and discovers new ways to connect.

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Ready For Homework?

Pour a glass of your favorite wine and get ready for an evening of meaningful conversations and shared dreams with The Couple's Play Book. This journal is more than just a book—it's a journey into the heart of your relationship. Inside it has fun activities, communication tools, goal-setting templates, bucket lists, journaling prompts, date night coupons and so much more. This playbook is a celebration of your relationship, offering a blend of fun and introspection to give you the best date night. It’s perfect for rediscovering each other and deepening your bond. 

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