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Confessions Of A Serial Dater Who Enjoys Her Singlehood

Call me a "serial dater" or a "love connoisseur," but I prefer the journey of singlehood over the destination because dating multiple people has helped me discover new aspects of myself.

While some people are content with one partner, I've hopped in and out of relationships more times than I've had slices of pizza (and that's saying something). Call me a "serial dater" or a "love connoisseur," but I can't resist the calmness of being unattached. If I have a buffet of dating options, I'm not going to pass up on a good feast. So, let me spill the tea on why I prefer the journey over the destination and how dating multiple people has helped me discover new aspects of myself.

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The Chase Is My Cardio

There's something about the thrill of the chase that gets my heart pumping faster than a treadmill at full speed. The excitement of meeting someone new and getting to know them is exhilarating. I savor the uncertainty of whether or not they like me or want monogamy which makes the process so thrilling. It’s like a game, and I love playing it.

Freedom to Live my Best Life

Being single means having the freedom to do what I want when I want and make the most of my self-care products. I don’t have to check in with anyone or worry about someone else’s schedule or likes. I can travel, eat what I want, and spend time exploring new hobbies without any interruptions or accountability. It's like a never-ending party, and I'm the DJ.

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No Compromises, No Problem

Relationships require compromise! While that’s not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes it can be exhausting like compromising on which Netflix shows to binge-watch. When I’m single, I don’t have to compromise on anything. Being single means I don’t have to worry about anyone else’s preferences. I can watch weird documentaries without any complaints, and dance around my apartment like nobody's watching (because, well, nobody is).

It's Me Time, All the Time

Being single gives me the chance to focus on myself. I can work on personal growth, pursue my career goals, and invest in my well-being. This has been incredibly empowering for me, and I’ve learned to prioritize my own needs and wants. Am I taking advantage of this fact by hoarding self-care products and using my Breeze massager a little too much? Maybe yes, but who’s gonna stop me?

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So, that's my story, folks. I'm happily riding solo, but if the right person comes along who loves holding hands as much as me, I won't be mad about it. Until then, I'll keep chasing my dreams and flings while my singlehood lasts.

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