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3 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Lubricants Are Great For People With Vaginas

3 Reasons Why Aloe Vera Lubricants Are Great For People With Vaginas

We’re dishing on why you want to reach for the best natural lubricant around instead of the over the counter stuff. 

You’ve used coconut oil as a substitute moisturiser and had karela juice to battle breakouts. But are you guilty of running to the nearest pharmacy for a bottle of KY Jelly when the mood hits? The once-in-a-while reach for the chemical filled shampoo or foundation might not be a big deal, but lubricants are literally going well, inside you. Over the counter brands are laden with chemicals like parabens, propylene, glycol and other toxic ingredients that you’d rather steer clear of.

There’s clearly a lot happening in the heat of the moment, and you don’t want to worry about one more thing. It’s best to plan ahead and buy a lube that suits that “area” which has a knack for getting irritated easily. Just look at this way– you wouldn’t use a hard detergent on your soft silks and lacy lingerie right? So why are you willing to do the same for one of the most sensitive tissues on your body?

The solution to this conundrum: Aloe-infused lubricants. 

Here are a few reasons why people with vaginas should reach for aloe vera lubricants:

Help with dryness

Vaginas can become dry for a lot of reasons – breastfeeding, perimenopause, hormonal changes, and even some cold and allergy medications can lead to a lack of lubrication. Sometimes, natural lubrication just doesn’t hold up, especially if you’ve been going at it for a while. A mild aloe-infused lubricant can be useful in all of these situations, to make already great sex even better by amplifying sensations.
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Great for sensitive skin

Natural and water based lubes are excellent if you have sensitive skin or are prone to vaginal irritation. Remember to read the label, though, because those with glycerin or other allergens can contribute to irritation and issues like yeast infections. Thankfully, aloe vera lubricants like Glide are cleaner and devised specifically for intimate health. Formulated for most skin-types, it’s hypoallergenic for all the extra sensitive peeps. Glide is also made with zero harmful chemicals, and won’t mess with your vaginal pH one bit.

She tight!

This one really blew us away: Aloe vera is famous for facilitating collagen production in the skin, which can increase vaginal elasticity. In fact, aloe vera lubricants are recommended to prevent vaginal prolapse as it strengthens the vaginal walls. That’s literally just a fancy way of saying that it’ll help keep you tight. Now you no longer have to wonder why they hand you aloe vera after a bikini wax. 

For far too long, we've been sold personal care products that contain chemicals and other harsh ingredients. It's time for anyone who has a vagina to take control of their vaginal health. Make sure to read the label of the products you’re buying. Spring for the best natural lubricant in town. Especially if you’re going to use them in places only a few have access to.

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