MyMuse Insiders

Spread Love, Make $$$

We believe in making the bedroom experience better for all people. So why not join us in spreading the love? By becoming a MyMuse Insider, you can earn real cash from the comfort of your home, while joining a community of dreamers and doers. It’s not just free... You’ll actually make some money (whilst doing your good deed for the year).

Bottom line: You'll be a part of MyMuse's inner circle, with the ability to refer your friends, get early access to products and make your voice heard in shaping our future. 

So, how does it work?

1. Become A MyMuse Insider

Got an audience you think will love our stuff? Fill out the form below to join our team and become an approved MyMuse Insider.

2. Customised For You

You’ll get a custom link/code that you can share with your friends and followers (through social media, Whatsapp, email etc.), so they can check out our products firsthand.

3. Let The Dough Roll

You’ll earn a commission on every sale made through your custom link. 10% of the total order value to be exact. No gimmicks, no ceiling – just straight up cash in your account. (So for example, if 5 of your friends bought 4,500 Rupees worth of stuff each, you’d earn 2,250 Rupees, just like that).

4. The Fun Don’t Stop

Aside from a fatter wallet, being a MyMuse Insider also means early access to our products, first dibs on special offers, and a chance to connect with our founding team to provide invaluable feedback and make your voice heard. You’ll be a part of the bedroom revolution, all from the comfort of your own bed.

5. Zero Stress

If this sounds like work, it really isn't. We’ll be there to support you every step of the way. Tech glitches, creatives, social media posts, a listening ear – whatever you need. We want you to love every part of this experience.

Interested? Fill out the form below and tell us a little about yourself. We can’t wait to have you join us!