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Under The Sheets

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An intimate card game for lovers and friends.

Get under the sheets of topics that are often left unaddressed. Play this fun card game with a partner or close friends to explore intimacy in a whole new way. 

With 5 quirky categories and 3 levels to turn up the heat, this deck is brimming with interactive prompts designed to get real conversations about intimacy, sex, and eventually you, on the table.

  • - 150 Cards
  • - 5 Categories
  • - 2+ Players
  • - For Adults of all genders, 18+
  • - Super easy to play
The Short Version: Pick a card from the deck, and do what it says

The Long Version: Start by shuffling the deck, or choose to play the cards in the order received. Each player takes turns picking a card from the deck. Simply follow the prompt on the card. If you're not comfy with a particular card, skip it. Go back and forth between players until satisfied. You can choose to play a few cards or go all night ;)
Wow, this was a fun one to make. Under the Sheets is an original creation by the wonderful artists, writers and creators at MyMuse. We've spent hours thinking through how to make it the right amount of enjoyable, exciting and naughty. As our head graphic designer famously said: "This is a game for couples designed by a very, very single man"!

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the categories

Under the sheet card game: have you ever

have you ever

Our spin on the classic “Never have I Ever”, but instead of taking a shot, you share the story.

Under the sheet card game: not just victoria's secret

not just victoria's secret

Your opportunity to be honest and share your deepest desires.

Under the sheet card game: if you dare

if you dare

You didn't think this was just about talking right?

Under the sheet card game: happy endings

happy endings

We'll start you off, and you finish (the sentence).

Under the sheet card game: wildcards


A mixed bag of prompts, questions & dares to spice things up.

the levels

Under the sheet: Hard level

too hot to handle

Time to get real– this level is frisky, and not for the faint hearted.

Under the Sheet: Medium level

turn it up

Get into naughty territory, with questions that’ll get you thinkin’ and movin’.

under the sheet: Easy level

first base

PG-13 gameplay, for those looking to warm up and ease in.


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The Only Bedroom Game You'll Ever Need

Mix and Match

If you have a particular kind of mood you’re trying to set, build your own deck of cards by choosing which categories you want to include. For example, you may want to leave out the “If You Dare” cards for a quiet night, or play only with the “Too Hot to Handle” orange cards if you’re trying to get frisky.

Add Your Own Cards

We’ve given you the categories– now all you need to do is get creative. Add your own prompts to spice things up and personalise the questions.

Create Your Own Rules

You can add fun variations to Under the Sheets, by making your own rules. For example, you may decide to keep phones off for the duration of the game, and the first person who checks theirs has to pay a price.

P.S. optional naughty rules are included in the instructions ;)

Under the Sheets: An Intimate Card Game for Lovers and Friends by MyMuse with a few Wildcards laid out


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