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The Slip & Slide Kit

The Slip & Slide Kit is a combination of two of our best-selling essentials built for exploring and enjoying each others’ bodies to the max. Give each other an indulgent sensual massage, while making your playtime smoother with Glide Jelly.
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
147 Reviews
The Slip & Slide Kit is a combination of two of our best-selling essentials built for exploring and enjoying each others’ bodies to the max. Give each other an indulgent sensual massage, while making your playtime smoother with Glide Jelly.
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Kit inclusions

Glide Lube Jelly 30mL
Glide Lube Jelly 30mL
Glow Arousing/Relaxing Oil
Glow Arousing/Relaxing Oil

Key Benefits

All-Natural & Body Safe:
All-Natural & Body Safe:

Our products are free from parabens, petroleum, and other nasty additives, so you can give a gift that’s totally clean, but also dirty in all the right ways ;)

Use Individually or Together
Use Individually or Together

These products are extremely versatile, and can be enjoyed just as well individually or together, in endless different ways. So get creative and have fun exploring!

Built for Pleasure
Built for Pleasure

The Grand Gesture Kit is the perfect pleasure toolbox, with everything you need to set the mood and get down and dirty. It’s an all-in-one kit for all those looking for maximum pleasure.

The Perfect Gift
The Perfect Gift

Our packaging is luxe and beautifully designed, keeping gifting in mind. Our sets are ideal for anniversaries, birthdays, bachelorettes, or just a treat for your special someone.

How To Use

Glow: Take a little into the palm of your hand, or apply directly to the desired body part using smooth strokes. Should be used externally on the skin only.

Glide: Take some onto your palm, or apply directly to the desired body part. Can be used internally in the intimate regions, or externally on any body part of your choice (avoid eyes/ears/mouth).

*Check individual product pages & FAQs for more details.

Perfect For

Exploring New Things
Exploring New Things

Discover different sensations and unlock new levels of satisfaction

Upping your Game
Upping your Game

Change up your usual routine with something new

Spicing Things Up
Spicing Things Up

Bring a little something extra to your bedroom game

Self Care
Self Care

Perfect for solo self-care or treating each other

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Meet The Slip & Slide Kit

The Slip & Slide Kit was specifically paired together to bring the right amount of fun to your bedroom routine. Our Glow Massage oils are perfect for indulging each other with a sensory massage and setting the mood, while Glide is your go-to for turning things up a notch. The natural, body-safe lubricant keeps things going as long as you like! It’s always better when it’s wetter, right?

Why Try the Slip & Slide Kit?

Natural Formulations

Both Glow and Glide are natural formulations, free of parabens, glycerine, petroleum and other additives, making them safe for sensitive skin and for intimate use.

It’s For Everyone

The Slip and Slide Kit is the ideal gift for anyone in your life who’s looking to explore pleasure. It’s perfect for anniversaries, birthdays, and so much more.

Double the Fun

These two products can be used in the same session, or enjoyed individually too. Set the stage and amp up foreplay with a sensual massage using the Glow oil, while Glide can be used to enhance pleasure during the act.

Customer Reviews

slip and slide , ride and glide 😁

"After trying a variety of water based lubes I can surely say this is the best one so far. With its non sticky formula it isn’t very viscous like others the consistency is just right to mimic natural feel plus it is fragrance free which again ranks it above other variants in market for me. All in all it is made to feel very natural and smooth and it does what it’s made for! Must try!"


quality unmatched

“Absolutely in love with this lube. My partner bought it for us and if really good. One of the first lubricants used that feels natural and like there isn.t really a foreign product being applied. Other lubricants either burn or are uncomfortable in different ways, but this is just amazing. 100% recommend.”


brilliant formulation

“Amazing for solo play as well as partnered sex. Leaves no white residue. Non-sticky, non-staining/crusting. The formulation is also brilliant. No unnecessary ingredients, no colors, or unwanted smells. Ideal for penetrative sex and can be used not just over the genitals, but also across other erogenous zones.”

Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
Based on 147 reviews
147 reviews
  • Rated 3 out of 5 stars
    Great lube- disaster prone packaging

    So the lube was a gift from my s/o and the lube itself is actually great, non sticky doesn’t sting burn or cause any discomfort provides good slip. The tube it’s in is a nightmare, literally any time I use the way it’s intended to dispense half the tube ends up on me, the bed and everywhere/anywhere else. It’s a major waste of the lube. Have to be so careful dispensing it - plastic or something under the tube, remove the cap fully, hold upright & gently ease out a small quantity — it’s a lot of effort and so much so that I use it less tbh. A pump is required it’s too watery and gushes out too easily.

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    Excellent & the best water-based lubricant I've ever used

    The only concern I've is, it dries up after sometime. But during that time, I use it again so it's good

  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    It’s good 👍🏼 and soothing.

    Best soothing oil

    Aparna A.
  • Rated 5 out of 5 stars
    It’s best as it is. Ordered for a second time.

    Absolutely loved the product. Much better than other options available in the market. Feels very light, skin friendly, cleans up super easy. I can’t imagine my life without it now. Ordered it for a second time. The thing I love the most about it is that it is very light, feels like water, pour out easily. Literally, glides!

    Neha M.
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How do I use the Slip and Slide kit? Is there an order?

There’s no strict order to use the products– we encourage getting creative, and enjoying them as you like. Many enjoy using Glow oil to start off, setting the mood with an indulgent massage that relaxes the mind and body (or arouses it, depending on your mood). Glide is then used as a lubricant, to keep things smooth and friction-free during the act.

Is it safe to use Glow and Glide together?

Ideally, Glow and Glide should be used sequentially, rather than together. We do not recommend mixing them, as both are made for different purposes and mixing them together might impact their effectiveness. Using Glow oil internally can also lead to irritation for some people, as the essential oils are not pH balanced.

What are the do’s and the don’ts with this kit?

The main thing to remember is that Glow is designed for external use on the skin only. It can be used to enhance touch sensations, to moisturize the skin, and to pamper yourself or your partner with a massage. Glide is designed specifically for internal use, meaning that it can safely be used in intimate areas and during the act, to enhance pleasure and decrease friction.

Glow and Glide are natural products and are suitable for most skin types. However we always recommend doing a patch-test beforehand, to ensure no sensitivity. We also suggest avoiding ingestion and usage in sensitive facial areas like the eyes. Stop using the products if any discomfort occurs.

Are Glow and Glide both natural products?

Yes, Glow and Glide are both organic, naturally-derived products. Glide Personal Jelly is free of many harmful ingredients like glycerin, fragrances, parabens and petroleum. Glow is an all-natural, chemical-free blend of essential and base oils that are chosen specifically to nourish the skin & engage the senses.

How easy is it to clean my body after using Glow and Glide?

Since Glow is made to moisturise the skin, we recommend allowing the oil to naturally absorb into the skin for maximum benefit. If you’re not into that, it can be easily washed off with soap and water. Glide is just as easy to clean– it can be washed off with water or wiped off with a tissue/towel. If left unwashed, Glide dries up quickly without leaving sticky residue.

Can I use Glide with silicone and latex products? How about Glow?

Yes, Glide can safely be used with silicone-based products and with most condoms, including natural latex, polyurethane, polyisoprene, and lambskin condoms. Glow should not be used with silicone or latex products, as oils can break down the materials or cause breakage of condoms.

What if Glow or Glide gets in my eyes/ears?

Don’t panic. Rinse thoroughly with warm water. As these are natural products you shouldn’t experience any adverse side effects, however if any irritation or discomfort persists, please contact your doctor.

How should I store the products?

Both products can be stored at room temperature, ideally in a cool, dark place like your shelves/drawers. Try to avoid storing them in a warm environment or under direct sunlight.

Is there a gift box, or do the products come individually packed?

The products are individually packed, and will be shipped to you together in one corrugated shipping box. However, you can opt-in for the gift wrap option. 

On the cart, just click on the "Make this a gift" check box and enter the gift message. Our cupids in the warehouse will ensure to gift wrap the order and add your gift message. 

Is gift-wrapping an option?

On the cart, just click on the "Make this a gift" check box and enter the gift message. Our cupids in the warehouse will ensure to gift wrap the order and add your gift message. 

Will the products be shipped together in one box?

Yes – we try our best to be as eco-friendly as possible, and ship all our kits together in one individual box. However, in the event of certain shipping requirements, we may need to ship certain items separately.

Can this kit be gifted, or is it intended for personal use?

Absolutely! Our kits are perfect for gifting for a variety of occasions– from birthdays to bachelorette’s, anniversaries to long-distance care packages. But it’s just as great to treat yo-self! Go on and indulge.

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